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Sep 23, 2003 09:56 PM

real authentic texas chili in Houston?

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where can i get real texas chili in houston? i'm not from texas and am not much of a cook so i can't make my own, but i would really like to try some



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  1. Yes, Josh, even you can make chili. Start out with some Wick Fowler's mix, get the hang of it, then branch out on your own. Just remember, no beans, macaroni or pearl onions.

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      1. re: John Scar

        You can't get real Texas Chili in Houston, that I know of. Houston is almost like Los Angeles, in that Houstonians 'all come from somewhere', mostly places where true Chili is unknown. Even Wick Powler's Chili Kit is not faithfully Texan, in that it asks you to use tomato sauce in it.
        If you want Real Texas Chili in Houston, you pretty much have to build it "yo' bad self"! And don't you DARE put beans in it and call it Texas Chili!

      2. Your best bet would be one of the tailgate parties at the UH or Texans games.

        Other than that, your only hope is to cook it at home. Follow Greg's advice on what not to add, and you'll be pleastly surprised. Just don't cook your meat too quick.

        It's that time of year. My wife and I almost made some last week.


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          Dagnabbit that looks good.

        2. We've discussed this on this board before, concluding few restaurants serve real good Texas chili; most people prefer to make it on their own and the Wick Fowler mix is a good place for a novice to start.

          Guy's Meat Market on OST (90A) just west of 288 has their own chili available year round in frozen 1 lb. bricks (in aluminum mini-loaf pans). It's very good and savory but doesn't have as much heat as you'd expect from a Texas chili. You can always add more to your heart's content. It's the best I know of, store-bought. Guy's is also good for smoked burgers (w/bbq sauce is the way to get 'em) and has barbecue, but it's inconsistent. See threads earlier on this board and Robb Walsh's recent review of Guy's at (he didn't comment on their chili). Guy's is only open Tu thru Sat.

          I understand Pete's Fine Meats, on Richmond between Chimney Rock and Sage, about a mile outside Loop 610 West, makes a very good chili but only in cold weather. I found out about this last spring after cold weather was over for the year so I haven't been able to check it out yet, but the burgers at Pete's are awesome and I'm expecting their chili to be very good. They're open Mon-Sat.

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            can i purchase this wick fowler mix in any grocery store in Houston? I'm gonna be close to a flagship randalls.

            1. re: Josher

              Yes, should be available in just about any grocery store in Texas except convenience stores and ethnic groceries. Usually in the 'spice' section. Save some money and go to HEB - Randall's has some of the highest prices anywhere.

              You'll need 2 lbs of meat (chili grind - I usually use round steak which I grind on my own - you can have a butcher grind some for you - DON'T use regular hamburger grind meat, it'll turn to mush with the long simmering involved) and an 8 oz. can of tomato sauce, as I recall. Just check on the back of the package.

              It's officially 'Wick Fowler's 2 Alarm Chili.'

              If you're not used to spicy foods you may want to start using less than the full amount of chili powder and red pepper provided.


          2. Believe it or not, I've actually found a restaurant with pretty good chili!

            Gilley's, on Fairmont Parkway between BW-8 and Red Bluff Rd in Pasadena. I've only eaten there once, and on a lark I tried the chili. It's the only chili I've eaten in a restaurant that I enjoyed. Well, besides Skyline Chili, but that ain't really chili...just hopped up spaghetti.

            Gilley's is owned by Mickey Gilley, and is FILLED with hundreds of celebrity photos from the REAL Gilley's hey-day. Lots of photos of Mickey and folks like Erik Estrada and Crystal's a trip. Actually, the photos alone are worth a trip out there.

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            1. re: Jesse James

              Skyline?? That's not real Cinti chili. You should have gone to Camp Washington.

            2. Visit the WEB site I've attached here. (You can find it at other WEB sites too probably. Just do a GOOGLE and type in "Wick Fowler"). In Houston super markets we pay about $1.75/$1.90 per package so judge for yourself. You can buy Wick Fowler chili mix and then all you need is 2 pounds of chili meat (don't use hamburger) and one small can of tomato sauce. Then just follow directions on the package. It will make about as good of chili as you can buy most any place, much better than that in cans. I keep several packages of it and make it mostly through the colder months. I use it in chilimac, frito pie as well as just chili. P.S. I have no idea what they serve in Cincinatti but when you say "chili" you're talking Texas.