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Jul 7, 2013 11:56 AM


Hey all . Husbands boss from out of town wants to take us to a nice ASIAN dinner. Was thinking something like Japonais, but been there, done that. He is staying downtown in Streeterville, so something within 5 miles of there would be best. Thanks!

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  1. Sunda might hit the spot

    1. Well Asian is kind of a huge swath of cuisines.
      For a nicer Japanese dinner I like Takashi in Bucktown.
      For authentic and casual fun Japanese izakaya i like Sumi Robata Bar in River North for great food and cocktails.
      For Chinese, my favorite is Ming Hin in Chinatown, it's a step up from the typical dumpy chinatown places.
      For Thai, haven't heard about it in years, but Arun's in West Lakeview.
      Sunda is Asian-style and was quite the hip and cool place two years ago.
      Roka Akor is pretty good too for Japanese steaks and overpriced sushi but very nice vibe.

      1. Would agree Sunda would be a fun spot and has both sushi and other small plates to share. Also if you want somethng a little quieter- for nice Chinese there's Shanghai Terrace at the Peninsula. And Lao 18 just opened as well.

        1. Been to Sunda and Shanghai Terrace, but might check out one of the other rec's. Thanks!

          1. Takashi or Sunda. Both mentioned above.