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Jul 7, 2013 10:42 AM

Williamsburg area Mid Sept.

I'll be celebrating my Fiftieth in Sept. Going to Williamsburg for 2 weeks. Looking for a good place that dumbs Steamed/boiled crab on the table and has good beer

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  1. Not a big favorite of mine, but based on Internet reviews a lot of people including local repeat customers like a little hole in the wall called Six Crabs, 118 Second St
    Williamsburg, VA 23185. There are no great crab shacks around here.

    1. They don't serve them crab-shack style, but if you are looking for some nice blue crabs in a pleasant atmosphere outdoors with some nice beers, you can find that at Berret's Taphouse

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          It's nice and it's scenic - on a pier in the James River. But again, more of a seafood restaurant that a true crab shack. I don't think they serve "all you care to eat" crabs on newspaper on a table, but I'm sure you could order some nice steamed crabs there. It's about a 40-minute frive from Williamsburg.

        2. Not sure if they will continue in Sept but the Watermens Museum in Yorktown is hosting crab picking nights on Fridays. We will try it this Friday and report back. Having lived in Annapolis for years, we are eager to try..

          Hot Crabs, Cold Beer, Wet Newspaper and good friends are the classic ingredients to a down home, Chesapeake Bay Crab Pickin'

          Held in conjunction with the Carrot Tree Kitchens, who are also planning to do Shrimp Boils on Saturday nights.

          Crabs, BBQ, Corn, Slaw, and Dessert

          Call 988-1999 for information and reservations

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            Thanks a lot, hope you find what you want. Then I'll find what I want . Beer and Seafood HEAVEN

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              Best suggestion. Didn't know about this. Great atmosphere and if they have a decent crab picking we may all 3 meet there.

            2. Welcome to Virginia! Hope you love it as we do. This from a transplanted (1974) Texan. You will find a lot of great food, history that is rarely rivaled in the US, natural beauty, and, if your experience is the usual, friendly people.