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Jul 7, 2013 10:25 AM

Looking for a "foodie-friendly" neighborhood for a new home

Hello Everyone,
I am considering a job in the Mesa area. Where are the best areas for someone who likes to be within walking (or short driving) distance to nice restaurants, quaint cafes and a superb market?
I have visited Phoenix and Scottsdale briefly as a tourist on my way home from the Grand Canyon but I don't know the area well. I have already read most of the dining threads here but they don't quite address my situation.
I need to be 35 minutes or less from Mesa. I would want a small home/townhome in a very good neighborhood. I am originally from NYC and eating is my favorite pastime.....
Thanks for your help!

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  1. You might find the right balance of proximity, concentration and quality in the Old Town Scottsdale area. Welcome to AZ.

    1. Agree on old town scottsdale area, or just west of there towards the Arcadia neighborhood in PHX. lots of good stuff to eat along Indian School Rd and Scottsdale Rd. Supermarkets are Safeways and Frys in the hood, with the Safeway being the better choice, AJ's are close by for specialty items and decent (not stellar) carry out options.
      Mesa and Chandler have some spots of good dining activity, but pretty spread out.

      1. Where in Mesa will your job be? Mesa is about 18 miles east to west. As mentioned earlier, Old Town Scottsdale would probably fit. If you are in West Mesa, the Biltmore area would be worth a look. And if you are in the south east part of Mesa, you might consider the Queen Creek / Gilbert area... Not walkable, but a few chow worthy restaurants.

        1. I work in the Arcadia area and I definitely agree. Arcadia. We have a lot of New Yorkers come into where I work. There's all kinds of eateries and fun cafes down there!

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            even though I chose elsewhere with other priorities, another vote for Old Town Scottsdale/Arcadia, especially for year 'round residents used to the density of New York City. Nothing else comes to mind , not even a second choice I can think of. Nowhere around here is "short driving distance" from anything else.