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Jul 7, 2013 09:39 AM

Taro Sushi Brooklyn

Had dinner at Taro Sushi in Brooklyn last Friday with wife and daughter. We were there at six, and were seated immediately at the bar which had a nice view of the street. Service was prompt and very good. Had oysters and sashimi to start, mixed platter for two with an eel roll as main which was plenty of food for the three of us. Fish was fresh. Oysters in ponzu were especially good. Tuna on the platter was ahi, they had blue fin on ala carte menu. Somewhat disappointed to see "white tuna" make an appearance, but then it seems to be everywhere these days (try to avoid if you don't want to get sick since it is basically indigestible). We had Sapporo drafts at $5 a piece to go with, they were also fresh. Best of all the bill for three was $ 80. Oh, and the chefs spoke Japanese.

While not up to the standards of the elite New York sushi restaurants, it was still very good and I would recommend it if you are in a sushi mood and don't want to spend half your rent.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, we have been meaning to try Taro! Is white tuna really indigestible? I've seen the name on menus. I'm from California where there is abundant albacore tuna, but I have a feeling it is not the same thing.

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      White Tuna is often the menu description for Escolar, which (per Wikipedia, anyway) is not really a tuna but "snake mackerel" which has been linked to digestive complications. It appears that moderate intake, for some people, is a fair way to minimize side effects. I dont think ive ever experienced a problem - but i dont think ive ever eaten anywhere close to the 4 oz max portion size.

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        White tuna is outlawed in restaurants in Japan. Don't eat it.

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          Wow, I'm glad to learn this. Occasionally I've heard places in California refer to Albacore as white tuna (like as a description), and I could have easily ordered it in New York based on my misunderstanding. Now I know to look out for very white colored tuna... Albacore has more of a grayish hue. Thanks!