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Jul 7, 2013 09:37 AM

Trip around Ireland--restaurant suggestions needed!

My husband and I will be leaving shortly for a trip around Ireland. I have good restaurant recommendations for Dublin and Belfast. We need restaurant recommendations for the rest of our trip, however! We will be visiting Balleycastle, letterfrack, Doolin, Dunquin, and Kilkenny. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I'm not sure whether you mean Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, or the one in Mayo in the Republic. If it's Mayo then the only destination I know of is the Stella Maris. The food is good, but is quite expensive.
    Letterfrack doesn't really have any restaurants, but the food at Veldons pub would fill a gap nicely. If you wanted something more formal, there are several country house hotels in the area: Lough Inagh Lodge, Renvyle House and Rossleague Manor. I don't know much about Rossleague, but the other two are really good. Alternatively you could drive to Clifden where there is no shortages of places to eat. I've never eaten there, but Mitchels is generally well reviewed.
    Campagne in Kilkenny is also getting the right kind of c,ustomer / media attention for French style cooking with local Irish ingredients. There are many many other places to try in Kilkenny.
    I don't know Doolin but the Wild Honey Inn in nearby Lisdoonvarna serves excellent food in a relaxed setting.
    Sorry that I can't help with Dunquin, and it's worth doing a bit more research on Kilkenny.
    Your trip sounds lovely covering some really nice parts of th country, so I hope you really enjoy it.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, Brian, and the well wishes! I am very excited about the trip. I really appreciate your recommendations--a trip is always so much better if there's really great food.

      Oh, and we'll being going to the Ballycastle in Northern Ireland (Antrim County).


    2. Went recently to Doolin for a week with friends. Went twice to Wild Honey in Lisdoonvarna - really good food and a nice atmosphere. Went to McDermott's in Doolin - AOK pub-food, as expected, and a nice traditional music scene after 9pm. But Wild Honey called us back for more... And had a VERY nice lunch for four at the Tea & Garden Rooms in Ballyvaughn (after a perfect 3 hour walk on the Burren).