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Jul 7, 2013 09:25 AM

Little Beast- Just what Eagle Rock needed

While Eagle Rock has amazing holes and the walls and old school eateries we have been lacking a nicer restaurant with more modern food. Little Beast fills this hole. Went last night for the first time. Lovely seats outside on the patio. Service was great but not pretentious. We had the grilled BLT salad, Liver pate & Scallops. Creme Fraiche Cheesecake for Dessert. The salad was very good with grilled romaine, ripe heirloom tomatos and generous bacon. The pate was creamy and livery, with a sweet onion topping that cut it perfectly. The real star was the scallops, very fresh, with a nice crust and almost raw inside. The salsa verde really set off the decedent creaminess. The Cheesecake was a great finish, the creme fraiche gave it a nice tang and the blueberry lemon wasn't too sweet. Love this addition to Eagle Rock!

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  1. oh also, wines were good. My SO wished they had a few richer whites avail though.

    1. Had a disappointing meal here a couple of weeks ago. We decided to sit outdoors and weren't seated for more than a couple of minutes before I caught a whiff of whatever the open sewer smell is in that area that I first encountered at Larkins. Then my halibut was unforgivably overcooked. They confessed that a diner the previous night had had the same experience and offered to bring me a new plate, but that never works and just ruins the pace of the meal. They did not charge me for my entree and the rest of the meal was acceptable, but I'm not sure I'll be going back.

      1. Went here tonight and sat in the bar for dinner. The bartender (Adam) played waiter for us and did a fantastic job. Started with the summer melon, fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto salad, and the grilled artichoke with lemon aioli. Both were spot on. For mains we had the hamachi collar (served with bok choy and fresno chiles) and the burger (served with french fries). These, too, were outstanding. Portions were large. For beverages we shared a bottle of mineral water and my SO had a glass of Sancerre and another of red (forgetting which varietal), and she enjoyed both. Place was busy, but unhurried, and service was perfectly engaging and informative without being intrusive. Price was about $90, before tip. Great night and will definitely be back.

        1. Any more reports on this place? We're looking for a place to take someone out for their birthday & this is, at least, a convenient location.

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            It's a good neighborhood place. I wouldn't drive from, say, Venice. I've had great meals there and the occasional head-scratcher. But I'm glad it's around.

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              Agree with Webb, it's a great place to have nearby, but wouldn't travel for it.

              1. re: Clyde

                Thanks, Clyde & webb. Is there a better option in the neighborhood?

                1. re: indigirl

                  Cacao Mexicatessen is my favorite place in the area, and it's just next to the Trader Joes a block or so away from Little Beast. Although I believe Cacao has started adding more rice to their burritos and less fun stuff, it's still delicious and I still order them despite that slight disappointment. Can't go wrong with their mole fries with cheese, and a friend pointed out to top it with guacamole which I plan to do next time I'm there. Haven't been to cafe beaujolais in a few years but it was always solid and a lovely experience. I really need to return there. those are the two spots i'd recommend over in that area.
                  Edited to post that I just re-read you're looking for a bday place, and Cafe Bouj would fit the bill. Cacao can be disorganized and seating can be limited.

                  1. re: Clyde

                    The in-laws used to love Café Beaujolais and took us there a few times. At some point it changed hands, and while the French waiters stayed their discipline kind of went away and it started getting pretty loud in there. Our last visit was not too long before Dad died; neither of them was in great shape, and we had to wait for a table just inside the front door. Mrs. O and I could move aside to avoid the drafts when the door opened, but the old folks were stuck on their chairs. The table was not much better, a table full of young women near ours were conversing in screams, and trying to get a waiter's close attention felt like trying to teach a cat geometry.

                    Our last trip to Cacao was in a group of about twelve, and while we had a lengthy wait for a table it was a good one. Pretty crowded in the waiting zone, though!

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Had the same experience my last trip to Beaujolais. The waiters seemed more interested in chatting up sexy young girls than doing the actual work of waitering.

                      1. re: JeMange

                        So, between the unbirthdayishness of Cacao (which I also love) & the bad service at Beaujolais, are either of them still a better choice than Little Beast?

                        1. re: indigirl

                          i think little beast is a fine choice. i've eaten there two or three times and enjoyed it. i loved sitting outside too. atmosphere wise, sonny's hideaway on York would be nice but i did not like the food there. not sure how Ba on York is rated these days, i've never been but looks wise, seems like a nice bday spot.

                          1. re: Clyde

                            I found the food at Sonny's to be decent but more about providing a buffer for cocktail consumption than anything else. Went to Ba when it first opened and found it overcharged and under-delivered.

            2. "Little Beast fills this hole" - I think that's a pull quote for the front of their menu.