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Jul 7, 2013 09:24 AM


We've had the bagel thread, so it's time for the lox.

Are there any reliable packaged brands of smoked salmon generally available, especially in the Arl-Lex-Burl corridor?

Trader Joe's has become increasingly bland, barely tasting of salmon at all. I welcome any suggested alternatives.

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  1. I'd go with Spence and Co. Since it's local, it's the only one that is never frozen before it hits the store shelves. I've seen it at Whole Foods and Shaw's.. Love the Nova, esp....

    1. you should be able to get Spence or Duck Trap, both quite good. Costco carries Acme from Brooklyn which is also a good lox, though it is an oilier cure than Spence and Duck Trap. I'm fond of Scottish smoked salmon which I get at the Butcherie in Brookline.

      1. there is a thread entitled is there any place like Russ & Daughters in Boston? The short answer is no, and if you want the best, i recommend Barney Greengrass on the upper west side of NYC though Russ or Zabars are both excellent. I hit Zabar's 2 weeks ago.

        1. If you are willing to travel, AND you want good lox, I suggest the hand cut nova at Butcherie.