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Jul 7, 2013 08:56 AM

ISO Asian restaurant for group meal in Pasadena

My senior church group will be visiting the Pacific Asian Museum in Pasadena later this year. We would like to have lunch at an Asian restaurant of some type in the general area (no sushi) that can accommodate 45 people, preferably in a separate room. Any recommendations? Our budget is up to $20 including tax and tip. Sit-down meal preferred over buffet style.

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  1. Would Thai work? Saladang could prob accomodate that group. I would say Daisy Mint but 45 is prob too big for them.

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    1. re: MissBubbles

      i've never gotten out of saladang for anywhere near Love LA's budget of $20/pp including tax, tip, and beverages.

      1. re: westsidegal

        I've never gotten out of Saladang satisfied. Ever.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          The OP says he/she is taking a group of seniors out to lunch. Saladang Song is hardly gourmet, but it provides a hint of exotic-ness but is still very accessible. Honestly, my parents (who are from the area and getting ever closer to senior-citizen aged) generally don't like Thai food (or anything that has much actual flavor), bu they'll eat Saladang Song (take to mean whatever you will). The fact that the OP simply asked for "Asian" and didn't specify a particular region indicates to me that nobody in the group is, well, that picky about food.

          Additionally, the lunch specials (which might be sufficiently filling for a sr) are < $10 (from memory).

          I don't know if a group of seniors who might not be that picky about food can eat as much WSG (w/ all due respect, you've implied b/f that you have a very hearty appetite) or have the same taste preferences as ipse.... ;)

          1. re: ilysla

            By that criteria, might as well go to Panda Express.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              You know, they do a pretty good orange chicken.... ;)

              In all seriousness, I think most of the food at Saladang/-Song is actually fairly good. Amazing? No. Does it resemble or taste like "real" Thai food? Not really. But just as some people like americanized Chinese and seek it out, I do think Saladang does have its place....

    2. The $20 limit is a potential problem. Maybe if you have pho.

        1. Panda Inn can accomodate maybe 60 people in a somewhat private section of the restaurant. Mostly Cantonese, and the service is great. Their catered menu is a bit more than $20, but they are flexible.

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            We had a pre-wedding-party dinner at Panda; our particular group was a bit less than half your group's size and the ordering was both à la carte and sky's-the-limit … but the food and service were both excellent. We had a smaller banquet room which fit our group perfectly.

          2. I had a similar requirement after a Pacific Asia Museum event. We ended up at Fu Shing Shanghainese Chinese Restaurant three exits to the east on Colorado.

            The second floor is used as a private dining room. Stairs are used to get to te second floor and so the second floor may be a problem if some seniors have trouble climbing up te stairs.