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Jul 7, 2013 08:08 AM

Herb and Soul: now a full service restaurant

The convenience store is gone, a decorator has fancied the place up, you can now byob, there's good live music on Saturdays, but the high quality of the food and reasonable prices remain.

Last night I shared a cajun chicken pasta and a huge salad with crispy chicken skin ($18 for two of us!), and ended with Zeke's coffee and a huge 'everything cookie' that the whole table agreed was mouth shattering. Don't neglect the shrimp and grits or the Liberian Greens; if the beef short ribs are available go for them too.

This place is definitely worth the trek to Parkville.

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  1. Had to renew this thread- we ate there last night and had a fantastic experience. Brought our own wine to go with fried green tomatoes with horseradish sauce, slow-roaster rabbit on slider buns as starters; followed by short ribs and shrimp entrees and begneys (or however you spell it) for dessert. Live jazz music at 8pm was excellent. The whole evening was great. Please, don't anyone be put off by the location, this food is amazing, created with care and attention, and served by attentive staff. A memorable evening!