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Jul 7, 2013 07:58 AM

Chicago in August

Planning a 3 night trip in chicago with my girlfriend. She has never been to chicago. We both are vegeterian. We are staying near gold coast. We will have a car. Looking for restauarant recommendations as well as things to do. She is a history buff, so definitely planning to go to the museums as well as wrigley field, more for me. Also, try some deep dish, italian (thinking francesco's or Briciola) and piece pizzeria.

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  1. By all means, help out sudkothary with advice about chow in Chicago. The other tourism advice he asks about, though, is off-topic for Chowhound.

    1. This thread may be helpful to you: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/864371

      Also, if you search and look at other people's itineraries you will get ideas for sightseeing as well as restaurants (the boat tour from the architecture society was recommended to us by several friends). Here is my itinerary and a few other helpful websites for you:




      1. First off - you do not need a car in the city so unless you are driving in, please do not rent a car. Check out www.tripadvisor.com for sightseeing questions. How strict are you vegeterians?

        1. Vegetarian + car, you might want to try our Indian/Pakistani neighborhood---Devon Avenue running west of Western Avenue for about eight blocks. Dozens of restaurants, all very reasonable. I once had jury duty with an Indian guy who lived up there and he told me Udupi Palace is the best vegetarian but you will find manymany more and I think all of them offer vegetarian options.. Personally I'm fond of Viceroy of India. And the neighborhood is fun for browsing---shops sell saris, wedding suits, Hindu religous items, etc and the grocery stores (Patel's is biggest) have good small gifts to take home (bags of spices are 'way cheaper than spices in tiny supermarket bottles). Great neighborhood, like going abroad only you don't need a passport. BTW Tuesday is the day many shops on Devon close, instead of Sunday---not the most fun day to go.

          1. Hey thanks for the repies. We will have a car, as this is part of a 9 day road trip. Also, we are not that strict whne it comes to vegeterian. Just trying to find some local places that are must tries from a local chicago view.