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Sep 21, 2003 03:57 PM

Waffles in Austin?

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Does anyone know a great place to get waffles in Austin?

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  1. if you want pancakes go to Magnolia cafe on Lake Austin.

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    1. re: ethan

      Are pancakes waffles?

    2. I found an article at that lists a few places that serve waffles.

      Looks like you'll have to go to Kerbey if you want to avoid chains or hotel cafes. The waffles at Sunset Valley Farmers Market sound damn good, but I rarely go out for breakfast on a Saturday...

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        Welcome to Chowhound. If you have tried any of these places, it would be great to hear your opinions with details about your criteria. Chowhound is really a repository of people's tastes.

        By the way, since this thread is 2 years old, it's unlikely that the original poster is still watching for responses--you might get better reactions starting a new thread. There's been a conversation about that on the "User Help" board: