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Jul 7, 2013 07:48 AM

Range with double oven with manual knob controls?

Hi there,

I would love to have a range with a double oven similar to this GE:

but I don't like digital controls! I don't have a lot of room in the kitchen so wall ovens and ranges over 30" just won't work.
Anyone know of a manufacturer who does this, or a funky electrician who could re-wire the bottom oven to a manual knob???

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  1. Been looking for the same thing and haven't been able to find it. A decorator friend who has designed many kitchens tells me that I could find it at one of the appliance showrooms at the Decoration & Design building here in Manhattan. I'm sure not only that that would be way beyond my budget, but probably not compatible with the hookups in my apartment so I haven't pursued it.

    But if you're looking to find it at a Best Buy, Sears, AJ Madison type of place, I don't think you'll find it. At least, I didn't.

    1. I have a GE freestanding with double gas ovens. Only the small oven is knob-controlled. The model is PGB995SETSS. It's gas. Not sure they make an electric one with knobs. My guess is that electrics can heat more to an exact, electronically-controlled temp versus gas which heats to an "average" because it's flame-up flame-down to maintain temp.

      1. Whirlpool and LG both have double oven ranges with manual controls. Most are in the mid range price bracket with the digital controls in the higher bracket. Using the manufacturers website and doing a search for double oven ranges is how I found them recently.

        1. Thanks everyone for your replies!
          Blackpointyboots, I went to Whirlpool and LG websites but didn't see any with manual controls for the ovens. The controls are manual for the cooktops. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots?

          1. I want a stainless steel range with ALL knobs. NO digital anything just like the good old days. Do they exist?