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Recipes that involve LOTS of milk?

Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 07:45 AM

Got milk that's expiring tommorow (as in, it smells off today, but can still be used raw). Looking for recipes that use a LOT of milk (and cooked, if you please), as I've got most of a gallon to get through...

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  1. Uncle Bob RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 07:49 AM

    Ice Cream ~ Banana pudding ~ Custard pies.

    1. Paprikaboy RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 07:49 AM

      Make bechamel.
      Poach smoked fish.
      Make paneer.
      Make custard,

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      1. re: Paprikaboy
        cleopatra999 RE: Paprikaboy Jul 7, 2013 09:01 AM

        any kind of chowder.
        Or of course you could pop it in the freezer.

        bread pudding
        french toast
        Cheese dip
        mac and cheese

        1. re: Paprikaboy
          c oliver RE: Paprikaboy Jul 7, 2013 06:10 PM

          But after making bechamel, what then?

        2. Ruthie789 RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 09:06 AM

          You can freeze it in small portions, and use for cakes, biscuits when you need it.

          1. q
            Querencia RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 09:21 AM

            1) Make Fluffy Tapioca Pudding using the recipe on the Minute Tapioca box but double it and use 3 eggs. This will get rid of a quart of milk. 2) Make cheese sauce and freeze it for future use. To one stick of butter use 1/2 cup of flour, 1/2 tsp salt, and a quart of milk then stir in an 8-oz package of shredded sharp cheddar. If you have the freezer space, double or triple this as cheese sauce will always come in handy for potatoes au gratin, macaroni and cheese, hot sandwiches under the broiler, cauliflower au gratin, with leftover broccoli, etc.

            1. Antilope RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 10:48 AM

              Homemade yogurt and Homemade buttermilk.

              1. m
                masha RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 11:03 AM

                Will not use all of it but this clafouti recipe http://www.nytimes.com/recipes/12688/...,
                will consume 1-1/4 cup and would be very seasonally appropriate with fresh berries.

                1. meatnveg RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 11:19 AM

                  tres leche cake

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                  1. re: meatnveg
                    ipsedixit RE: meatnveg Jul 7, 2013 07:21 PM

                    Tres leches cake usu. uses evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk (sometimes half/half).

                    Not sure that fits the OP's needs.

                  2. Cynsa RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 11:31 AM

                    love pork braised in milk

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                    1. re: Cynsa
                      tastesgoodwhatisit RE: Cynsa Jul 7, 2013 06:05 PM

                      I second Italian pork with milk - dead easy and delicious.

                      I use a pork roast, trimmed of fat, brown it in a bit of olive oil, cover in about 3 cups milk, and simmer for two hours, then remove the meat, and reduce the milk. A squeeze of lemon near the end to get it nice and chunky, and a pinch of sage.

                      Also good is home-made paneer (heat 1 L of milk to boiling, turn down the heat, add about 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or white vinegar, stir until it separates. Turn off the heat, let it rest until you can handle it, strain. Use as is for a cottage-cheese like texture, or press between two plates for a sliceable cheese.

                    2. l
                      luciaannek RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 11:35 AM

                      Bechamel for a casserole or to freeze (I have been told you can freeze bechamel but have never tried it myself, maybe look into this).

                      Yogurt would be a great option for almost off milk.

                      1. foodieX2 RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 11:54 AM

                        french toast freezes wonderfully and make a quick breakfast, just pop in the toaster oven.

                        Ice cream, pudding and the like

                        1. greygarious RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 01:26 PM

                          rice pudding

                          1. d
                            Dcfoodblog RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 02:00 PM

                            Ricotta. Uses a LOT of milk and you end up with about three cups worth of cheese.

                            1. j
                              JudiAU RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 02:05 PM

                              All of the ideas already mentioned as well as macaroni and cheese. Bechemel + cheese actually freezes really well in an ice cube tray.

                              Is this milk actually raw or is it pasturized or UHT. Only raw milk actually sours in the way you've described. Sour raw milk is pretty useful. The others are actually spoiling. I would dump UHT milk for sure.

                              1. s
                                seeraradino RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 02:11 PM

                                alfredo sauce?

                                1. babette feasts RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 04:16 PM

                                  Ricotta or dulce de leche. There are also some Indian sweets that are milk- based, reduced way down.

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                                  1. re: babette feasts
                                    Allstonian RE: babette feasts Jul 11, 2013 03:59 PM

                                    Yes, I love to make kheer to use up an excess of milk.

                                  2. m
                                    mscoffee1 RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 04:38 PM


                                    1. k
                                      Kalivs RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 04:41 PM

                                      Rice pudding or homemade yogurt

                                      1. v
                                        Vinnie Vidimangi RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 04:47 PM

                                        Where is it in relation to best by date? Give it back and don't ruin good things.

                                        1. trolley RE: Chowrin Jul 7, 2013 07:23 PM


                                          1. s
                                            Siegal RE: Chowrin Jul 8, 2013 11:54 AM

                                            Malabi!! If you want something different
                                            You can google it - the milks differ ( cream, half and half, whole, etc) but any milk is really fine

                                            I made the recipe from Jana gur book of Israeli food but I know ottelenghi has a recipe also

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                                            1. re: Siegal
                                              Chowrin RE: Siegal Jul 9, 2013 05:13 PM

                                              dude, thanks! I was thinking 'nilla pudding, but this is /authentic/ pudding! ;-)

                                            2. PotatoHouse RE: Chowrin Jul 9, 2013 05:44 PM

                                              Arroz Con Leche.

                                              1. a
                                                AlexRast RE: Chowrin Jul 9, 2013 06:37 PM

                                                If it smells off today, then recipes that don't disguise the flavour are probably a bad idea - because the off flavour will become that more pronounced. Try some things that work best with milk going a little off and whose results can be frozen with little ill effect, so you can make huge batches, eat some immediately, and refreeze the rest for later .

                                                Soda Bread
                                                Southern-style cornbread
                                                Devil's Food cake

                                                1. l
                                                  LilBrownBat RE: Chowrin Jul 9, 2013 06:57 PM

                                                  Flan. Real honest-to-god no condensed milk crap flan.

                                                  1. foodieX2 RE: Chowrin Jul 10, 2013 10:38 AM

                                                    So what did you make?

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