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Jul 7, 2013 07:36 AM

Need a Seabose replacement

With Seabose gone, I've been looking for a place to find good sushi grade fish and haven't found one. Any suggestions?

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  1. You might try Kazy's Gourmet in Dallas. I personally haven't been there since Kazy-San died. But I've been hearing very good things about them. Check out their Yelp reviews.

    1. Kazy's is the place. I'm told they supply most of the high-end sushi places in the Metroplex.

      I go there at least once every other week. Never have been disappointed - the Salmon and Tuna are outstanding, as is the Fluke.

      1. Haven't been to Kazy's in a long time. Almost got car jacked in the parking lot! Will have to pluck up my courage and try it again.

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        1. re: mommystar

          Must have been a freak "one off". I've been there many, many times in the past. I never had, or saw a problem. It's a hell of a lot safer than Tacos La Banqueta on Bryan St.
          If you're really that worried, call them from the parking lot to have someone walk you in and, walk you out.

          1. re: twinwillow

            I think it was a weird deal. It was a work day afternoon and I was parked in their little lot at the side. Got into my car and some guy comes walking up to the driver's side door. Fortunately, I got the door shut and locked, started the car and the guy's banging on my window, cussing at me. Right, like I'm gonna roll the window down! He grabs hold of the door handle as I back out and hangs on, running beside the car as I gas it out of the parking lot. Everyone I've dealt with at Kazy's has always been great and I will go back.

            1. re: mommystar

              Wow never had that problem. I have been going to Kazy since he was on Forest. I do think their quality went down a bit when Mr. Kazy died. The quality improved last time I was there.

              1. re: irodguy

                Thanks for your report on Kazy's. It's amazing how one can forget about a place sometime.

                I've already made arrangements with friends to visit Kazy's again in the near future.