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Jul 7, 2013 07:35 AM

Very recent lobster roll rankings!

Would love to hear people's thoughts on this list, which is a mix of well-known and lesser-known spots. It's clearly not all-encompassing, since Fishermen's Grill is not included, but it's still a nice roundup.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good list - though there are some places I am not familiar with.

    I would agree with Red`s in the number one spot as that is the BEST lobster roll I`ve ever had. Seeing Lobster Dock, Shaw`s and Trevett Country Store is not a surprise as they do pretty good ones, too.

    If I recall correctly, Eventide Oyster Co. was rated number one lobster roll by Down East magazine. (Upscale lobster roll) - didn`t get to try it this year as our visit to Portland was brief but would like to check it out next year.

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    1. re: Apple

      It is unfortunate that Bite Into Maine's roll is not on this list. By far the best lobster roll I have had in Maine. Ordered 6 for the family, each one perfect.

      I had Eventide's lobster roll soon after they opened (not so recent anymore). It is definitely an upscale dish. It was good, and worth having, but it was not a lobster roll in the same sense as the 17 on this list.

      1. re: Mike CP

        I wished I could have tried it when we were in Portland... What makes a lobster roll upscale? :)

    2. I'm really intrigued by the Town Landing Market in Falmouth. Seems like an undiscovered gem.

      1. Since they didn't include Libby's Market in Brunswick, or Doug's Seafood/Port feeling is that they didn't do their homework.
        That said, I'd rather people keep lining up at Red's and Harraseeket than at my favorite joints. (A couple more of which shall remain a secret. )

        1. It seems to be the same list that's been around but maybe re-arranged to make it look current. We must have hit Bob's Clam Hut on a bad day but we've only been once. How can anything taste good in the middle of outlet mall madness? We've had lobster dinners not rolls at some of the places on the list. I agree that the scenery is a lot of the charm and so is the size of the place which is why Waterman's is at the top of our list. One year we happened on a great lobster dinner to benefit a local fire dept. Now an article about the hard-to-find but worth-the-effort places would be great but I don't blame anyone for not wanting to reveal their secret places. BTW I expected to see the food truck near Portland on the list.

          1. I may have to give up my prejudices about the Maine Diner this September and give it another go for a lobster roll. :)