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Jul 7, 2013 07:23 AM

Very small quantity of green chiles

I'm trimming the unripe fruit off of my pepper plants in hopes of bigger bushes later. Now, however, I have a very small quantity of very small peppers. I hate to toss them. Any ideas what to do with them?

They are serranos, Hungarian wax peppers, and Bhut Joloka (ghost peppers).

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  1. Throw in a blender or processor. Leave the stems on. Adds roughage. Add a palmfull of salt. Add vinegar 1/4 way up the level of peppers. Blend. Add vinegar to thin. Put in bottle and you have your very own green chili sauce.

    You can add carrots, onions, garlic, etc. But now you have a production instead of a solution.

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      This sounds great. The only thing that I'd do differently is roast the peppers first. They will get a lot more flavor, but it will dull the heat a little.

    2. We've been tossing serranos in a very hot pan with a little oil to blister them and serve them as an accompaniment to almost anything. Tis the season for peppers!

      I think if you want more green plant you need more nitrogen, in my experience the more peppers I pick, the more peppers I get.

      1. Split and pour over Boiling Vinegar = Chili Vinegar great for seasoning Greens, Shoyu Dips, Adobo etc.....

        1. What's your heat tolerance?

          Many Mexican salsa recipes use 2-3 serranos with a pound of tomatoes.

          What did you intend to use the full harvest for?

          1. Good suggestions. You might also pickle them?