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Jul 7, 2013 06:59 AM

So Nigella's husband is filing for divorce

And apparently notifying her via a newspaper statement... what a jerk. JMHO

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  1. He says she didn't defend his honor and claims he abhors violence against women, and he didn't abuse her physically? There's photographic evidence!

    But it looks like things haven't been good for a year or so. She's well rid of him. He really is a putz.

    1. He's playing mind games with her and thinks this will get her crawling back asking for forgiveness. If she can't break away from this creepy daddy figure then the blame is on her. There are thousands of men who would take her in a flash and many have more dough than her if this is is a psychological prerequisite

      Satchi cast a spell ...he is (was) in advertizing after all

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      1. re: lastZZ

        at least have the courtesy to give her the heads up in person. If she won't take phone calls or texts you could still call her sister or her daughter to relay the news (or her publicist). Or send a letter. Although I'm guessing if he really did kick her out of the house this shouldn't be a huge surprise.

        1. re: lastZZ

          Nope. There are a million and one reasons why women (or men, for that matter) find it hard to leave an abuser, not the least of which is that she is most at risk of violence when she tries to leave.

          This does not mean it is her fault, or that she is to blame for not leaving. No, no, no. Absolutely not.

          1. re: Palladium

            She's got the money and support to move away, hire security, get home alarms put in, to get away from him and be safe.

            But certainly for normal women with average salary, probably kids and a job she can't leave would have a problem leaving.

          2. re: lastZZ

            I really wanted to leave this thread alone. I've got very intimate experience with an abusive relationship, and at no point does the abused person get "blame," even when they refuse to leave the situation.

            It's not that simple, and if you've never been in that situation you have no business passing judgment.

          3. I hope she stays strong through all of this...he claims that she choked him, too. (yeah, right...)

            Hoping karma catches up with him in a big way.


            1. Sad public stuff!
              I feel for her.

              1. I hope Nigella stays strong and has a great support system.
                This man is an abuser, both physical and psychological. His statement is outrageous, but true to form and probably emblematic of what Nigella has experienced for 10 years.
                Yeah, when my husband wants to get my attention he grabs my throat. Who doesn't?

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                  1. re: sunshine842

                    Any man who lays his hands on a woman like that needs to get his man card ripped up.