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Jul 7, 2013 06:45 AM

Where would Bourdain go in Pittsburgh?

I am thinking CURE.

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  1. To eat on his own personal time away from cameras or to feature on his show?

    I think either way he ends up at Lucy's.

    1. When he and Eric Ripert were at The Benedum they both said they would be very interested in returning to Pittsburgh. Salt of the Earth was mentioned as a place they wished they had time to try.

      1. Salt of the Earth and Tessaros.

          1. re: PghJen

            Have you been there? would you mind making a full post review? ;-)

            1. re: Chowrin

              Yes, I've been there a few times, but not for several years. The front of the house is reminiscent of an old-school lunch counter, and the kitchen is in the front. Alex runs the show - host, chef, dishwasher, storyteller, etc. The dining room looks somewhat like Borat's living room, but in a fun quirky way. As I remember, the food was tasty, though quite heavy. Definitely a winter-time destination. It was BYOB, and after he's done cooking, Alex comes out for a chat about myriad topics. It's worth the trip if for no other reason than to hear someone with a Hungarian/Pittsburgh accent.

              The oddest thing about it is that you have to make an "appointment" to eat there (at least that's how it was when I last went a few years back). You can't just walk in and get seated.

              To my knowledge there aren't a ton of local restaurants serving eastern European food, despite a rich heritage in the region. It's certainly an experience, and one I think Boudain would enjoy. It's a good mix of culture and food which is his MO. I challenge Guy Fieri to hold his own in a discussion about the Hungarian Revolution :)

            2. re: PghJen

              Thanks for the link. It does look like an interesting place but my guess would be that more a candidate for Driveins, Dinners and Dives. No offense intended; seems like a better fit to me after viewing their web site.

            3. Definitely Cure--I'd like to think a stop at Cure would prompt a visit to the Wild Purveyors shop down the street.

              Meat & Potatoes, downtown, too.