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Jul 7, 2013 06:02 AM

[Hastings, East Sussex] Old Town Fryer.

A chippy "on the prom", opposite where the day boats are moored on the beach, so you'd like to hope that the fish travelled no more than 100 metres from where it was landed.

Haddock - big piece of fish, lovely big flakes, batter veryc risp but somewhat oily.

Chips - decent enough - for southern ;-0

Mushy peas - mushy but still with texture

Bread & butter - only a single slice but sufficient for a modest chip butty

Menu has the usual run of things, like pickled eggs and huss, that you see in the south but not elsewhere in the country. Well worth a try if in the area and in need of lunch.

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  1. "You fill up my senses
    Like a gallon of Magnet
    Like a packet of Woodbines
    Like a good pinch of snuff
    Like a night out in Sheffield
    Like a greasy 'chip butty'
    Like Sheffield United
    Come fill me again...."

    I learn more about England from your restaurant reviews than I ever do from an encyclopaedia... Thanks, John!

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    1. re: Gio

      We aim to please, Gio.

      I hadnt come across your parody song before but, as you've drawn attention to the city of Sheffield (not usually on the map for American tourists who read this board - or many Brits for that matter) here's a review of a place there which just creeps in to my 60 minute maximum drive time for dinner) -


    2. Had fish and chips here a couple of years ago and they were pretty good - sitting in the garden with that view it's hard to beat in the area. Tried my first pickled egg there as well. Think it was also the last.

      1. I've not tried the Old Town Fryer, but behind it is the Dolphin (corner of George St & High St) -- this is definitely the most popular fish and chip shop in the Old Town.

        If you want to eat in then Maggie's (at the Stade end of the children's train that runs along the waterfront) seems to be the highest rated, though you usually have to book as it's so popular (#3 restaurant in Hastings on t/a).