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Jul 6, 2013 11:47 PM


Situated at the entrance of Haleiwa town on the right hand side from Mililani, this joint provide delicious shrimp dishes. Not too much varieties, but very good for the price of $12 per plate. We ordered garlic butter and spicy hot dishes (unfortunately not hot enough for my taste, but good - not sweet chili). Plate lunch comes with 9 giant shrimps, a big serving of rice, green salad with very light dressing and a piece of pineapple to refresh your palate after the dish. Other dishes: original style, coconut, lemon pepper etc. Good taste and good price. They also have running tap water to wash your hands after the messy meal.

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  1. Forgot -- it was sooo good, we went there for the second time the next day !

    1. Where are the shrimps they serve coming from? As far as I know, they're aren't many shrimp farms around the area.

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        the shimp come from Kahuku, near their original location

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          Most of the shrimp trucks serve imported (frozen) shrimps, although there are a handful of shrimp farms in the area. Some shrimp farms have closed. The shrimps from the area are very very sweet and tender, almost like freshwater shrimps and only a handful of trucks serves them. Many of the shrimp farms have closed, but you can still buy them alive from one or two farms. Or, you can also find them in Chinatown or in some local fish markets.