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Jul 6, 2013 08:49 PM


I had mentioned Costco carrying some beer from independent breweries in a previous thread. I've previously picked up cases of Stone IPA & Trumer Pils. Today, I picked up a mixed case from Mendocino Brewing Co. Called Cast of Hawks.

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  1. What state? Not all Costco's carry wine/beer/liquor.

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    1. Yeah wish they had that selection in MD/DC/VA. Here most of the year you get maybe some Sam Adams lagers and mixed cases. Guinness. The occasional Flying Dog mixer. And it tends to go downhill from there. Although I have seen double packs of Chimay on occasion (not the summer) and in the fall they sell cases of Haufbrau Marzen and Paulener Oktoberfest gift packs (oversized can and a dimpled mug).

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        The Paulaner packs are the Weisen (however you spell it), which one might think is weizen, but is actually the pale lager that is most often found at O'Fest these days.

        If I recall (from a story I was involved with long ago), Costco and other such stores can be tricky for brewers because they may suddenly want a huge quantity of product, perhaps a special package at a low price, sort of stressful for the brewery, but possibly a good way to hoist the flag in front of a lot of shoppers.

      2. In Italian Harlem they sell beer.

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            AS usual w/costco it always changes. Haven't been there in a while but I've seen sierra, chimay, duvel.

        1. I have to say that this mixed case from Mendocino has been a disappointment. I've tried 3 of the 4 so far and have not been impressed.

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            They were very good when brewed solely in Cali. But the stuff made in NY ain't so good.

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              I don't think they use the same yeast in NY

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                  Perhaps, but your tastes may have changed as well.

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                  Honestly, I had a sampler at the brewery in Ukiah 3 or 4 years ago and I wasnt very impressed. Have always liked the hawk theme though.

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                    Time for a party to finish off that case and move on. LOL