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Jul 6, 2013 08:07 PM

Which 2 out of 3? Marc Forgione, Apiary and Hearth

My husband and I are headed to Manhattan (from Chicago) for what is now our 5th annual culinary visit during this upcoming week. We have most of our meals all set, but are doing a little debating of which two of these three to go to: Marc Forgione, Apiary and Hearth. We have reservations currently for Marc Forgione and, as of today, could get in at Apiary and Hearth for the dates we were looking at. Which 2 of the 3 would you choose and why?

To add some context, my husband is in the wine business and we love an interesting wine list with decent pricing (and he is good at finding the "values"). Hearth is part of the summer of Riesling, which is definitely a plus. Also, some of the other places we will visit on this trip include: Blue Hill Stone Barns, Louro, lunch at EMP, lunch at Ko and likely lunch at Kin Shop. Maybe a return trip to Motorino if we can fit it in. (And Victory Garden based on Kathryn's recommendation.)

Thanks for your thoughts. We're looking forward to another fun visit!

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  1. Definately Hearth- they are knowledgable about wine and have a great wine list. Around the corner is Terrior, the amazing wine bar (original location, there are now several) from same restaurant group if you wanted to get a pre-dinner drink there.
    Have you been to Corkbuzz? New-ish wine "studio"off of union square, opened by only female Grand Sommelier in US, unusual wines by the glass- took my friend who is a winemaker in Italy and he was impressed, prices were average for nyc

    1. Of your three, I've only been to Marc Forgione and really enjoyed my meal there (the seasonal TM).

      Is it one of my favorites in the city? No, but given the choice I could certainly end up at a lot of worse places.

      1. Hearth. Very nice wine list that really matches your husband's preferences. (I'd hesitate to call it "great" as Ttrockwood did just because it's not deep in older vintages from top producers. But it is very well selected and quite interesting, with an emphasis on value.) Also, even if you know your way around a wine list, the wine staff there REALLY knows their list and are a great resource. I never miss a chance to strike up a conversation about what I'm thinking about as I always learn something.

        1. if he is into wine Hearth. I am not a NYer but I can tell you when traveling with my uncle who is a wine guy that was the number one stop.

          1. Thanks for the responses so far. What do you think of the food at these three places and the overall experience? Having looked at the wine lists, I'm sure we can find wine at all three, so now we need to decide which 2 to go to based on food. Thanks!

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              As to food, there is no comparison btw Apiary and Forgione. Apiary is fine, but not special. Forgione is really good. Hearth is also good. But I would definitely choose Forgione - also has a nice vibe.

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                Hearth provides one of the best combination of geeky wine list and very god food in town. I like the well thought out ingredients on their dishes and I echo pretty much everybody who responded here about Hearth's wine list and knowledgeable staff.