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Jul 6, 2013 07:45 PM

How does one post new or comment on existing or upload pictures?

I came here because I couldn't find any way to comment or post or upload pictures from my Site Talk home page. So is this it?

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  1. I assume you have pretty much answered your question, bu I not, then in order to create a new post on the Site Talk page, or any other page, look for the box near the top that says "start a new discussion". Type your comment or question and hit the "post" button. To reply to an existing post, look underneath the post you wish to respond to find the box labeled "reply to this post". Again, type your comment there and hit the "reply" button.

    1. You need to find the board or boards you are interested in. You can see the full list of boards available here

      Depending on where you live/do most of your eating out you'll probably mostly post or comment on that local board. My local board (for instance) is Los Angeles and you can see it here If you are interested in cooking (as another example) you'll find those who share the same interest on the Home Cooking board seen here

      But there are many other boards that have special interest topics such as Wine or Beer or Kosher or Vegetarian & Vegan, etc.

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      1. re: Servorg

        Ya Thanx,

        I have added a number of boards now and posted the the following to Vegetarian Vegan.

      2. To upload a photo click on the reply box... at the bottom on the right is a camera icon. Click on that and you will be able to browse downloaded pictures in your own files. Choose the file you want, choose the photo you want to upload, click open, wait a second, click reply and your photo is posted.

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        1. re: Gio

          Are videos the same as we have a many Thai Cuisine training videos. Only upload with a new post or by comment reply?

          1. re: ChefLeeZ

            What you have to be cautious about is posting anything that is "promotional" in nature, such as if you have a business that produces training videos.

            I suggest that before you post things that you've developed for your business that you shoot an email to and inquire about what it is you would like to put up or link to and see what the powers that be say.

            This site does not allow anyone to "self promote" anything that is either for commercial sale or even a website or blog if you are trying to use Chowhound as a vehicle to promote that site or blog.

            1. re: ChefLeeZ

              As far as I know this site does not support member uploaded videos. I agree with Servorg... it's better to ask the moderators via e-mail.