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Jul 6, 2013 05:45 PM

Lobster 2.99lb in Kittery/Wells?

I just posted that Market Basket has them for 4.99lb today in the Boston area and a chow replied that they are 2.99lb in Kittery. Hoping the person replies, but am coming here in case not.

I am heading up to Kittery/Saco tomorrow and would love to get some lobster that cheap.


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  1. hi
    i dont know the name. Its on Rt 1 South side. I have never been inside but it looks like all they sell is lobster. its a brick building with a huge sign on the front lawn with the lobster price

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    1. re: Locutus

      Do you know where on Rt 1 South -- which town?

      1. re: OgtMimi

        i believe its Kittery. im not quite sure. it is between the turn off to Rt 1a towards York and the outlets