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Lobster 2.99lb in Kittery/Wells?

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I just posted that Market Basket has them for 4.99lb today in the Boston area and a chow replied that they are 2.99lb in Kittery. Hoping the person replies, but am coming here in case not.

I am heading up to Kittery/Saco tomorrow and would love to get some lobster that cheap.



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  1. hi
    i dont know the name. Its on Rt 1 South side. I have never been inside but it looks like all they sell is lobster. its a brick building with a huge sign on the front lawn with the lobster price

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    1. re: Locutus

      Do you know where on Rt 1 South -- which town?

      1. re: OgtMimi

        i believe its Kittery. im not quite sure. it is between the turn off to Rt 1a towards York and the outlets

    2. Here are two that you can call for pricing: