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Baltimore dinner with easy parking

I'm moving to Baltimore in mid-August, and I'm looking forward to a new . On move-in day, my parents are planning to drive down from DE and take me out for dinner. They both have mobility issues, but do not have a disability parking permit. Any suggestions for a place that is easy to get to from Downtown/Mt. Vernon, and has easy parking? I think they would enjoy driving through Hampden, but Paper Moon also looks like something they would like (they love diners and kitsch).

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  1. In Baltimore, you need a place with valet parking if you want to be assured of close-in parking.. Casbar has $5 valet parking and few or no steps, fairly good but not great food. Sotto Sopra ditto on valet, better food. Several places on Charles in Mt. Vernon have valet. Paper Mooon has a lot just opposite, but I believe some steep steps.

    1. Tapas Teatro has convenient cheap parking just across Charles Street....

      1. Paper Moon has never been known for the food, but it's an interesting place, and I never had problems finding parking around it.

        I miss the days when it was open 24/7 and you could hang out there into the wee hours after a show at Ottobar.

        1. The prime rib is outstanding for steaks, chops , prime rib, crab cakes and crab imperial and fresh fish and has valet parking plus it is near to you

          1. Thanks everyone for the advice! I think I'm going to suggest Tapas Teatro - I know I'm going to be looking for something low key and relaxing!

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              Actually, Tapas Teatro is probably not a good choice for low key and relaxing. It's attached to the Charles Theater, which has five movie screens all of which start and end at different times, so it tends to be bustling most of the time.

              It's an ok restaurant, but low key it's not.

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                Also Tapas Teatro doesn't take reservations

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                  Thanks for the clarification. This will be on a Tuesday evening, if that makes much difference.

              2. If they have wheelchairs or are able to walk a block or two, there is a fairly cheap ($3) garage in Fells Point which gives you access to many restaurants in Fells Point and Harbor East.

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                    I've only been there once or twice but it's a few blocks to each neighborhood, no? I imagine I must be mistaken, oops.

                1. Food Market in Hampden. Valet which might be free. Make a reservation in advance as they are always busy.

                  1. I agree with "curioussheridan"-go to Soto Sopra. Valet parking--just outside the entrance. No stairs or other issues--great cuisine and atmosphere. Restrooms are just steps aways from the dining area. Chef Ricardo will certainly make one feel very comfortable and accommodating. One of Baltimore's best restaurants IMO.

                    Also, the Prime Rib is excellent and very pricey, but well worth every dollar spent--valet parking, easy access and wonderful entrees and the best potato skins and onion rings. Service is exceptional and the atmosphere is very romantic with accompanying music. (check to see if they are open as the restaurant is being closed down for a week or so for renovations in July).

                    I found that Tapas Teatro was not very relaxing nor food-wise exceptional. The tables were very closely set--I could touch my neighbors plate without effort--noise level.....not conducive to relaxing conversation, and in the summer it was very hot--air conditioning didn't seem to be available or functioning. Reasonably priced though.

                    Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art would be one other suggestion. Lovely atmosphere--easy access--outdoor dining (nice on a mild summer evening) with the advantage of perhaps visiting the museum itself. FoiGras

                    1. Another option is Greektown..depending on when you go..
                      Bank on the corner Eastern and Ponca can be used when the bank is closed..also the ;ot for St. Nicks Church is also avaiable..
                      Samos (BYOB and cash only..no reservations)
                      Zorba's(divey butgreat food)
                      Ikaros (long time fav that has lost some of its charm but stil good eats)
                      Acropolis..have not been there in awhile so....

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                        I prefer to think of Zorba's as "dated" rather than "divey." Still, it is great food.

                      2. How about the Wine Market, just south of downtown? There is a huge parking lot there.