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Jul 6, 2013 02:10 PM

Buzios in Brazil - any food recs

We're heading back to Rio in September and will also spend about a week at a friend's place in Buzios. From the reading I've done, it's uber-touristy and rather high end. And seems to feature French, Italian, etc. foods. Any restaurants that actually serve Brazilian food? And what about the markets? I assume there's good fish to buy. Anything else that I should know about? TIA.

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  1. Its been years since I was last there, but believe it or not a thai place called Swasdee is a favorite of locals. Lots of fresh fish, but like all things in Brazil, it is no longer at all cheap.

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      Thanks for that. Some recent Tripadvisor (which I'm finding very useful for non-US recs) reviews haven't been very flattering. But we'll give it a look. Since we're staying in a house (with a pool!!!) I intend to cook a good bit. We've been visiting Brazil for a few years now and I'm honestly glad to see prices rise in resort area. I've also seen wages rising.

    2. We were in Rio/Buzios in May and the best meal we had in Brazil was at Rocka

      You can rent a day bed on the grounds, walk down to the beach, eat the most brilliant fresh seafood, it is truly perfection!

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        Thanks for the rec! The menu looks great. What are the prices like please?

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          I don't know the prices of the day beds because we stayed at their affiliated hotel and they were complementary. If you want to rent a sun bed you do need to reserve in advance.

          Without drinks I think it was about $R80 per person, we had a very decent sized seafood platter, plus 18 oysters and a few other small dishes to share between the four of us.

          In regards to drink prices, the caipirinas were approx. $R18. As everywhere in Brazil the wine/champagne was quite pricey I think the bottle of Veuve Clicquot was $R360 and a bottle of Argentinian Chandon was about $R120.

          You can also rent body boards on the beach for about $R10 for 2 hours. The vendors also sell drinks and snacks.

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            Thanks. I was just interested in the food and drink prices. When we're in Rio, where we're headed after Buzios, we eat and drink with and like the locals :) I could get super drunk in Rio on $R18 of caipirinhas :)

            The house where we're staying (home exchange) has a pool and is a five minute walk to Geriba Beach so that should satisfy THOSE requirements but your place sounds like some place fun for a drink and a snack.

      2. We just finished a few days in Buzios and enjoyed ourselves. Our house was a few miles from Centro so not sure how relevant a couple of these are but here goes.

        First was Parvati Pizzeria and Trattoria which IS in Centro.

        We shared the pollo al funghi, which was boneless, skin-on chicken thighs in the best mushroom, white wine sauce I've ever had. Perhaps THE best sauce ever. I could eat my way through that menu. I've lost the receipt but with the good exchange rate right now it was reasonable.

        Out our way on the main highway is Jonny Quest, a pizza place. Best Portuguese pizza ever. (Sheesh, a lot of bests, eh?) If you've never had boiled egg on a pizza, it sounds strange but it's really good. Super thin crust (as we requested) and cooked quickly in a wood burning oven.

        And for those who travel and eat the way we do, we had really good food at Bar do Mithum, a hole in the wall behind the gas station and across from the Princesa Supermercado where the highway turns to Centro. We had salchicha (little sausages) and carne seca with potatoes. This is a total working class, locals place but we were treated warmly and even given a bottle of hot sauce when we said how much we liked it.

        A little something for everyone here. Enjoy.