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Jul 6, 2013 01:22 PM

Gowanus BBQ: Fletcher's or Dinosaur?

Despite living not too far away, I just don't get over to Gowanus very often. I love BBQ, and the menus at Fletcher's and Dinosaur look fairly comparable in terms of meat and side offerings, so I'm curious to hear which people prefer.

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  1. i'd say dinosaur, mainly for consistency. we like fletchers, but some days the meats are nicely cooked and juicy, and others, like yesterday, everything is dried out and tough.

    1. Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that someone else prefers Dinosaur to Fletchers. I thought Fletchers was a chowhound favorite, but it's over-rated and over-priced. Same with Fort Reno.

      1. I can't speak for Fletcher's, but we were at Dinosaur 2 nights ago and really disliked it. I'm in love with brisket, and theirs was totally disappointing. Blue Smoke in Manhattan blows Dinosaur out of the water in terms of brisket. Dinosaur is like a big suburban chain restaurant - feels weird in Brooklyn. We walk by Fletcher's all the time and it's next on our list of BBQ to try, but I agree that it looks inappropriately pricey. Let us know how either one turns out!

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        1. re: nafybean

          Dino's brisket is not their best work - for me i think they make a good slab of ribs, like the wings, and the sides.

          Fletcher's pricing seems out of hand - 40 dollar slabs are just uncalled for (especially when it didnt seem like they were offering heritage or "name-brand" meats).

          At least, to their credit, both Fletchers and Dino smoke over real wood, Ft Reno is using an oven outfitted with smoking capabilities, but it is not even close to the same thing. Good drinks, though.

          Mighty Quinn's brisket currently holds my heart (and arteries).

          1. re: tex.s.toast

            I had never heard of Mighty Quinn's (I'm new to NY) and just checked them out online - Holy Smokes! That brisket looks incredible. Thanks for the tip!

            1. re: tex.s.toast

              They are all heritage breed, humane and sustainable meats. Most are locally sourced from small farms.

              1. re: tex.s.toast

                Had the Elgin Platter (ribs, brisket & hot link) at Dino. Correct. Dino's brisket is not fab (but neither is brisket, most of the time). However, the hot link was truly a homemade experience with much merit.

                I rave over Dino's garlic-chipotle wings and am quite a regular for the same. Shall try Wango Tango next time. Dino wings are grilled--not fried--with a dynamite sauce.

                Dino (Harlem) bartenders really have to get it together. At this time, it's better to avoid the bar altogether, or you may get bummed out. It should improve.

                For brisket--my preference is Hill Country--but only for the moist. You have to eat it there, in Summertime, or it will drip fat all the way home....

                I'm off to Mighty Quinns to try their brisket! Thanks.

            2. I understand that one of the great BBQ joints from Austin is opening up on Flatbush near the arena in the next year. Has anyone heard any details?

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                1. I think brisket is hard to do. What I've heard about Fletcher's is they're inconsistent. I went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the brisket *looked* great. It had about an 1/8th smoke ring, etc.

                  But it was dry, dry, dry.

                  Everything else was really good. I loved their pit-smoked beans. DGF got a couple of smoked meat tacos which were outstanding. I'd like to try some of Fletcher's other offerings. I'm sure they do good things, but I think brisket must not be their forte.

                  I'm actually planning on going to Dino tomorrow night. I used to leave near-ish to Syracuse where they're originally from and had their 'cue a couple of times a year. But I haven't had anything from them in about a decade. I wouldn't say it's fair to classify them as a chain, like (god forbid) Dallas BBQ, but yeah, they probably have about 10 locations in the northeast at this point.

                  Having said that, I would rather support Fletcher's for now, since they're new, independent and trying to scrape by. I like to root for the underdog! But I think their business isn't quite ironed out yet, hence their weird/maybe-exorbitant pricing. I'll just have something besides brisket for now. And order judiciously.

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                  1. re: egit

                    Im generally as anti-chain as anybody but i think its a little unfair to dismiss Dinosaur (which i think comparing them to Dallas certainly counts as EDIT: just saw you werent comparing them) just because they have multiple locations.

                    I actually feel like they (Dino) are a model for multi-location businesses - they may not do everything perfectly but they are producing "real" barbeque (wood-smoked, low temps) in a way that many independents arent even bothering with (Ft Reno).

                    1. re: egit

                      egit - if you want to try one of their non-brisket offerings, i highly suggest their duck taco. out of the handful of things we've had from them, that's been the most consistent/tastiest bite.

                      ps: dinosaur's wings with wango tango sauce are my favorite wings in the city. used to live on them at the harlem location.

                      1. re: jon

                        Yes! That was one of the things DGF had when we went there. I know she got the duck, and I think the other may have been their tri-tip taco. They were both very good.