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Jul 6, 2013 12:47 PM

Nevada city and grass valley

I will be there Sunday eve through Wed afternoon. Recs for all three meals? Thanks in advance !

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  1. Grass Valley - Diegos, Panoy Thai

    Nevada City - Ike's Quarter Cafe and Pine St. Cafe for breakfast. Sopa Thai and New Moon for dinner. Just learned from a local that Lefty's has moved across the highway to the old place with the creekside patio and is doing well.

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    1. Just bumping this up to say eight of us had fabulous meals at New Moon this past Saturday. The Scallops were out of this world and one of the specials, Rack of Lamb served with a loin that was fork tender with the ribs perfect medium rare. I shared the lamb with Lady PB's Prawns and Tasso in Creole sauce over cheese grits. There were a couple other dishes ordered and loved but my mind's stuck on the one's we woofed down, along with a couple of beautiful blends of 2003 Ramazotti (Ricordo and Regale) given to my pal by his brother who makes wine with Joe R.

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        We were in the area for a month last year. Enjoyed several meals at Lefty's. it's excellent! New Moon and Las Katarinas are also very good. :).