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Jul 6, 2013 11:28 AM

Extraordinary baklava at Deniz in Ft. Greene

Limited options in my chic new neighborhood, so I've gotten take-out from Deniz a number of times even though I find the chicken and shish yogurtlu--my Turkish fave--disappointing. I love their zucchini pancakes, cheese and spinach sigara, the lentil soup.

Because I ate in the restaurant last night and with my daughter, we ordered dessert. WIthout question the best baklava I have had in New York, on a par with the place whose name escapes me on CIA where they fly it in from Istanbul and bake it off on site. Perfect texture or textures, I should say, real flavor of wonderfully fresh walnuts, the taste of butter to reawaken your idea of what butter can be. Just super. I asked the waiter where it was from, and he said they make it in-house.

Worth the detour for baklava lovers; an easy stop for coffee and dessert after BAM.

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