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Jul 6, 2013 11:22 AM

Good complement to Moments, Tickets and El Celler in Barcelona

My wife and I will be in Barcelona from Monday morning through Thursday morning in September.

Currently I am planning to have lunch at Moments and dinner at Tickets on Tuesday night, and lunch at El Celler on Wednesday. I imagine we will be pretty stuffed after lunch at El Celler on Wednesday, so I'd like to find a much lighter, more casual local cuisine for Wednesday night. We are going to be doing a fair amount of Pintxos on our next stop (San Sebastian), so I'm not sure if it's worth doing more tapas in Barcelona or trying something different. Also, we'll be doing a fair amount of sightseeing on Monday, and most of the more well-known places seem to be closed on Monday, so I'd appreciate any suggestions for quick and good food around La Sagrada Famiglia or Parc Guell.

It's our first time there, so we are totally open to suggestions. Thanks for the help!

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  1. If you taking the train and doing the tasting menu at El Celler, don't plan to be back to Barcelona much before 7pm. Eating after that, it would depend on how much energy you have, how late you want to eat and how far you want to venture from your hotel. For traditional, might consider sharing a couple of courses at Cafe de l'Academia or PLA to share a couple. Or go down to Kaiku in Barceloneta for arroz or a plate of seafood cooked a la plancha. Also in Barceloneta, simple everyday cooking at La Cova Fumada or Can Mano, both lively, fun and truly inexpensive. Warm weeknight stroll is wonderful there. When it comes to pinxtos and tapas, Barcelona might not be the Basque but you are eating Catalan food, different from Basque; a plate of pa amb tomaquet, razor clams, scallops would be great at Paco Merago. Or sit at the counter at Comerc24 and order couple of things from the a la carte menu. The menu changes constantly but simplest items are the best: any variation of foie gras, scallops, coca; definitely grilled baby octopus, suquet; their take on Catalan desserts are good.
    As for lunch around the Sagrada, there are plenty of informal/fast food places around the site, mostly catering to the throngs of visitors. Maybe others can chime in with good recommendations. There is nothing around Parc Guell but it is fun place to have a picnic with a spectacular view of the city.

    1. Hi
      Just returned from a week from Barcelona. We also went to the Sagrada Familia on a Monday ( make sure you buy tickets online) We had lunch at Alkimia, which is in walking distance from SF. Excellent food but it is not so quick. As PBSF said there are lots of places closer to SF but cannot report on them.