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Jul 6, 2013 10:57 AM

good restos in and near Jackson Hole

Second leg of a trip out west takes us five nights in Jackson Hole with a room at Spring Creek Ranch. What restos should one not miss out there? Were are two adults and two teens that eat mostly everyting. would do brew pubs and like to try food unique to the area such as elk and moose.

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  1. Just got back from Jackson a few days ago, we had wonderful meals at Local and Cafe Genevieve. I did have the bison at Local, I would order the dish again. Check out Pinky's for pizza, neat spot.

    1. hi there - if you do a search in the Mountain States for Jackson Hole, there are quite a few threads in here with some good recs.

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      1. There are tons of great food options in Jackson Hole! For the group you're traveling with and what you are looking for from the cuisine, I'd go with the two options below.

        Q Roadhouse & Brewery: Eclectic roadhouse fare. Try the BLT. It is amazing! The Shrimp and Grits are great as well. For the adults, they also brew craft beer in house and often have live music (depending on the day you go).

        Rendezvous Bistro: This is a local favorite. They have a wide variety of dishes for all tastes, the atmosphere is casual but still nice. They have a delicious elk tartare dish and a venison filet entree. It's one of those places you shouldn't miss while in Jackson.

        Hope this helps!

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          Thanks so much. I am ready to pack my bags now...

        2. Husbeast loved the mixed grill platter at the Gunbarrel- elk, buffalo and venison.

          1. Nora's in nearby Wilson for breakfast or dinner.