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Jul 6, 2013 10:19 AM

50th Birthday

I'm inviting 7 close friends to Vegas. I want to treat them to a memorable meal. I've read tons of reviews and am even more indecisive on where to go.

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  1. What restaurants are you considering? What type of food? Price range? Will you have a car? What hotel are you staying at? On or off the Strip?

    1. $$$-$$$$ price range - Italian, Steak, or French. No car - staying on the strip.

      1. I will answer this by saying that next year I turn 50 and I will be throwing myself a surprise 50th birthday celebration in Las Vegas. And MY ideal 50th birthday dinner will be at Lotus of Siam. Why you ask? Well, besides my wife and kids, food is my greatest passion and LOS is the pinnacle in terms of quality, variety and consistency. And with a group that size (I think I will surprise me with about 15-20 friends) you can almost get the entire menu.

        Now the other answer for the blow out rockin, 50 is the new 35 nobody's gonna stop me dinner it would probably be something like SW at the Wynn where not only is the steak great but many of the other entrees are too. It is a beautiful lively spot in a lovely setting.

        If you are looking a little quieter, no question I go to Picasso, on the patio, if not too hot outside. It is an excellent restaurant whose beauty is unsurpassed in Las Vegas. Many complain about them not changing the menu over the years but if you are not a regular visitor then you will love it.

        1. Country Club at Wynn
          Le Cirque
          Charlie Palmer 'deal of the week' for $48 pp, 3 course with wine, if you want to be big man,but still be prudent.
          I would do LOS for lunch next day for the hangover.

          Start with brunch at Bouchon or Peppermill.
          Pool and cocktails..nap..dinner.

          Happy 50th..

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            +1 for Le Cirque for a special occasion dinner.

            1. re: ellenost

              8 people in Le Cirque makes for a "crowd"....I am a big fan of Sirio, and totally enjoy both Le Cirque & Circo (which share the kitchen space)...But for a special occasion, both the food and the ambiance are most important.....I would rather go down the elevator bank at Bellagio to Prime, and "steak out" (sorry for the pun) the private room for great meats and wine.....But...first choice for "VEGAS"...would be Michael's.

              1. re: VegasGourmet

                When I dined at Le Cirque in March, there were 2 parties (both between 8-10 people), and it wasn't noisy. Both parties had young children who were (fortunately) well behaved.

          2. If it is you plus seven people and you are planning early enough, you could reserve the entire table at "e" by Jose Andres. There are only eight seats per seating and you will have the entire staff tending to just you and your friends. You get to see them plate all your food in front of you and it's a 23-course tasting.

            They accept reservations two months in advance now, so unless you're really lucky, you'll have to email them right at the two month mark to make sure you get all eight seats.

            If you want something memorable, there isn't really anything that tops this, especially since you'd have the entire "restaurant" to yourselves.