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Jul 6, 2013 10:17 AM

San Antonio Help

A young friend and co-worker (restaurant) is spending a night in San Antonio, and I was hoping to get some rec's on a reasonable area and hotel that would also be near some great places to eat. Definitely regional cuisine that won't break the bank and would be comfortable for three people under 21.

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  1. the river walk is the most fun place to stay in San Antonoio esp if only have one night... we stay at the omni.. but I think there is a Holiday inn that has package deals...once there you will find food ranging from inexpensive to to expensive..
    I like Budros and iron cactus and even if you are under under 21 there is a party feel just walking around

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      I second the river walk and Boudro's. I'll ad Waxy Oconnors, and Irish pub but good for the under 21. Texas Land and Cattle in the lobby of Drury Inn River Walk where the wife and I like to stay, quite a bit less pricey than other river walk hotels, and restaurants. I know you mentioned regional food, probably Mexican and BBQ, but those types should be avoided on the river at all costs. I say the good times on the river walk trumps good regional food, which will necessitate a cab ride.

      1. re: James Cristinian

        Thanks. I'm assuming the drury inn, Omni, and Holiday Inn are all within walking distance of the riverwalk? Is there really no decent mexican, tex-mex or barbecue on the river? The three of them have all worked in restaurants and have good palates, so I need to deliver a decent meal. Boudro's menu looks nice, although it's a little expensive for their budget. Iron Cactus looks reasonable and appears to be tex mex, which would fit the bill. Is that correct?

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          all three are right on the river. Iron Cactus for bbq there is Q( world bbq) and County Line that are the only two that would fit the the reasonable price decent taste. Iron Cactus is a texas chain it puts out pretty good texmex food for the money avoid mexican on the river..In my opinon....

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            Iron Cactus was not in San Antonio when last there so I'll defer to you, in fact I've never heard of it, I'm in Houston and we don't have them here.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              there are two here
              one in dallas
              one in san antonio
              and i think one in louisana

      2. While it is fun to stroll the riverwalk, wouldn't recommend much there dining-wise (other than a couple places that fall into break the bank territory). Head for the Pearl brewery complex or Southtown if you have an interest in where the SA food scene is headed. You can take a river taxi to the Pearl and walk to Southtown. Check out the Monterey, Feast, Bliss, Bite, Arcade, Minnie's Tavern, the Luxury, NAO, the Granary, Saveuers 209, Alamo St Eat bar, Brooklynite.

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          Thanks for the info. They ended up at Iron Cactus and had a good meal (enchiladas with salsa verde). They also loved the location of the restaurant and the riverwalk itself. Cheers

        2. I have never stayed there (since I'm local) but have been for drinks and would recommend the Hotel Indigo - Alamo. It's right near The Alamo . .of course. Another fun place to visit is the Texas T pub - if you like dive bars.

          For eating, I hate to say it but the Riverwalk is slim-pickings - especially for those with good palates. Most places on the riverwalk are targeting out-of-towners who are staying there and don't want to go far to eat.

          If you were staying at Hotel Indigo - Southtown is only 1 mile away. A very cheap cab ride or you could even walk it - if it's not too terribly hot. Some good places to eat in Southtown on a budget :
          Taco Haven
          Liberty Bar
          Cascabel Mexican Patio (good authentic Mex!)
          The Monterey (I hesitate to recommend - but it's kind of a cool spot. A bit pricey and food can be hit or miss but interesting small plate selections and a decent wine list)

          Make sure and have a beer at the Friendly Spot, too.

          1. I'm coming in too late for this but just wanted to say that, granted the RIverwalk doesn't have the best places to eat, but if you're here for only one night you really have to see it because it's the essence of San Antonio. Plus with only one night you don't have a lot of time to get to all the other places. That said, I think the Mercado is worth going to if you're a first-time tourist too - the next trips you can do Southtown, Pearl Brewery etc!