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Jul 6, 2013 10:14 AM

Sunday dinner 10 people (3 are 5 and under) UES or UWS@5:30 suggestions?

Family dinner for my dh birthday. My BIL and SIL are coming with their 3 kids, ages 5, 3 and 1. We have a 12 yo who is adventurous eater. Plus my MIL and other SIL. Dh works around Madison and 90th so we are looking to stay around there or the west side as my BIL and family is coming in from NJ. Looking for suggestions. And I am on a low glycemic diet so no pasta. I need to eat veggies and lean meat. DH is low sodium diet.

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  1. Atlantic Grill on either Third Ave between 76-77th or Atlantic Grill on W. 64th across from Lincoln Center. Eastside has outdoor space which could be better with young children. Check the menu and see what you think.

    1. Trav stole the very words from my mouth. Atlantic Grill.
      Another possibility is The Smith.

      1. Sister restaurant to Atlantic Gill, Ocean Grill (on Columbus in back of Natural History) would also be a good choice. Very comfortable and friendly with good food and accommodating service. If you decide on Atlantic Grill the one on the West Side seems to absorb large parties better and feel less cramped and noisy.

        1. Thanks. I will keep these in mind for the future. The decision was made without my input to go to Pisticci, which I like except I can;t eat the pasta which is my favorite, but we have had the kids there before and I am sitting on the other end of the table is all I have to say. I like Pisticci for adults only.