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Jul 6, 2013 08:46 AM

Resto suggestions for West Yellowstone Montana

Traveling to Yellowstone this summer and staying at the Hoiday Inn in town. Heard conflicting reports about the Inn but that is where we will be.. That said I am looking for some restaurants in the area. We are two adults and two teenagers in the party. Like most types of food and even a brew pub will hit the spot. Please tell me of yur favs..

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  1. We just left that area. After spending the morning in Yellowstone, we drove to West Yellowstone for lunch. We ate at Beartooth BBQ and really enjoyed it. We ordered four different sandwiches and enjoyed them all. The only thing I didn't care for was the potato salad. Too much mayo for my taste. Enjoy your trip.

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      great thanks for the rec. we do love bbq

    2. I, too, am interested in suggestions for West Yellowstone. By ``resto,'' I assume you mean restaurant. Heaven forbid that does not become part of the English language. It is bad enough that we were infiltrated by veggie and foodie.

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        Yes 'resto" is what we easteners use to shorten that word..

      2. Here's what I just posted on the US 20 Route Question a couple of threads down:

        Just back from visiting a friend in West Yellowstone, MT. Here's the places we liked:
        - Cafe Madriz - kind of tapas, pretty good
        - Woodside Bakery - Breakfast & Lunch, if there is a line, skip it, becomes a long wait with slow service
        - Bar N Ranch - high end dude ranch with good food, fairly expensive, great setting, 6 miles west of town
        - Buffalo Bar - Good bar food, great craft beers served at perfect temperature

        1. Dinner1: We tried out Cafe Madriz a Spanish restaurant in West Yellowstone. It's worth a try. You need reservations because they place is small & not many tables/chairs. They do have a few outdoor dining tables though.

          Sangria - we got a pitcher $23 that's good for 4-6 people, I didn't like it. Too much wine taste, not enough sugar, fruits, ice cubes. I like ChaChaCha's version in SF.

          2 cheeses & 2 meats appetizer $18 - manchego is yum, Cabrales is a blue cheese I didn't care that much for, chorizo was good, jamon serrano - yum. Came w/ some red grapes.

          Bread - first basket is free - it was ok taste, but served warm.

          Tortilla whole $10 - huge tortilla, egg, potato dish w/ a salad on the side. It was pretty tasty.

          Pollo con Pinnones $10 - 2 pieces of chicken in some sauce. Liked it ok. Medium size portion.

          Calamares en salsa picante $10 - lots of calamari w/ a scoop of rice. It was kinda spicy. Liked it. Large portion.

          Total before tip $73.64. We did order a lot of food, no leftovers.

          One unisex bathroom available left rear.
          We wanted to try out the Taco Bus but sign said Closed, so we ended up at Beartooth Barbecue.

          B. got a beer Cold Smoke Scotch Ale $4.5 - he liked it
          Cobb Salad - he thought not enough salad, too much meat!
          I got pulled pork sandwich w/ side of cheese grits. It was dry rubbed meat so had to drown the hot bbq sauce all over it, then it tasted ok. Cheese grits was ok, not enough cheese for me.
          St. Lou Ribs 1/2 $18.99 - H. got & didn't really like, she had to drown in bbq sauce too.
          sliced brisket sandwich $11.99 didn't look that good either.
          raspberry iced tea $2.49 ea x 2
          Total before tip $69.46. Charge it.

          Place got busy so others like it more than we did.
          Ice cream City Creamery because it said Homemade ice cream. I should have asked for samples, but instead I just went with Huckleberry the flavor you can get in Montana - it's everywhere.

          Small scoop is $3 which is a good amount, looked almost 2 scoops. I got it on a sugar cone, but the ice cream looked like it was gonna tip over so got a bowl too.

          Tasted ok, huckleberries are frozen I think. Not that special.