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Jul 6, 2013 07:49 AM

Lobster $4.99....

At Market Basket this morning. Just wanted to share. I went to Woburn and all sizes are that price too.

They had a 15lb one, but I said I'd pass, lol!

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  1. "We're gonna need a bigger lobster pot...."

    1. Got two of 'em yesterday, at McQuade's down in Jamestown, RI. Steamed, cooled, shelled, served with old-fashioned, Boston-style lobster sauce, braised celery, and Roederer Estate. That beat the heat!

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      1. re: trail 6

        what is "old-fashioned, Boston-style lobster sauce"? Grew up here, never heard of it. Thanks

        1. re: Fishegg

          Ground pork, black bean & garlic, a little soy, a little chicken stock, splash of sherry, green onion,...totally unlike what is called"lobster sauce" in my new home, in Florida.

          1. re: trail 6

            Ahh, like Chinese food lobster sauce??? Got it, I thought you meant like a cocktail/tarter sauce kind of condiment. Love lobster sauce, and you're right, nobody does it like the northeast.

            1. re: Fishegg

              AKA Cantonese as in Lobster Cantonese.

          1. re: Locutus

            Really? Where? I am heading up that way tomorrow, would love to pick a few up at that price.


            1. Here is an article that says it looks like the lobsters are going to stay affordable like last year good for the consumer tough on the fishermen.


              1. Bought a few at MB last weekend for a buck more per lb. Delicious hardshells packed with meat.

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                1. re: LStaff

                  I'm tomalley-green with envy.