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Jul 6, 2013 07:25 AM

Passarelle Bistro - Greenville, SC

Hi all. I am making a trip to Greenville tomorrow and my cohorts have made res at this bistro. Has anyone been or heard reports? I know it is in the Table 301 group but know little aside from that. Any input is appreciated.

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  1. WE eat there once and found the food expensive and pretty distasteful
    Cancel your trip or bring your own bagged food

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    1. re: mustardgirl

      That's a pretty harsh review for a place that opened less than 3 weeks ago and has a $10 burger on the menu. What was so awful?

      1. re: NANCY

        That was our experiance when we ate there last week

          1. re: mustardgirl

            We went Sunday for brunch. It seems to be mainly the tourist crowd (I guess I was one of those). We made a reservation for outside, arrived and were told that outside was not guaranteed (of course, disclosure up front would have been nice). We had a nice server who was attentive. Had both the Basquaide and Passerelle Mussels...I liked the Passarelle much better. We shared a frisee salad (egg, lardons). It was not extremely exciting but not awful. We had 2.5 btls of wine, all reasonably priced. There is an option for 1/4, 1/2, full btl, which I liked...although I usually seem to want a full btl always. All in all, I would not make a mad dash back but judging from the business (location sells it), they will be fine without me. There seems to be effort from the staff, I wish them the best.

            1. re: winefuhrer

              Thanks so much for the comprehensive review. It really helps to know the good, the bad and the ugly (altho nothing sounded ugly here).

              So glad you didn't have to bring your own bagged food ;)

      2. The original comment has been removed