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Jul 6, 2013 03:14 AM

Rock N Coal Pizza anyone?

Newish pizza place in Bellingham Mass. Coal fired oven up to 900 (?) degrees. Have not been but friends went...I want to LOVE this place but they had a not so great experience. The pizza was burned black all over the bottom. When they mentioned to the waiter he was condescending and said basically-There, there you realize this is a 700 (?) degree oven and this is how it is supposed to be. alas. One of the diners has spent extensive time in Italy, so this rap did not go over well. I hope this was a one off experience. Either way it was not handled well on the front lines.

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  1. All I know it's the same owners as Il Contro in Franklin.

    1. Have been there three times on a Friday night. The first two times the pizza and salad was good (ok, not great), the third time the pizza was way too thin and soggy. Prices are quite high for that area. Service is slow, even when it isn't crowded. They don't tell you the specials unless you ask, and they are written on a chalk board all the way at the back of the restaurant, which is hard to see. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars at this point, and will go back to try again. It has a nice atmosphere.