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Jul 5, 2013 09:50 PM

Chervil anyone else "LOVE" this Herb??

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else loves Chervil as much as I do, seems like its sort of forgotten and hardly ever mentioned but its one of my favorite spring herbs its awesome in a compound butter for fish or potatoes and good on just about anything but I never see it in the stores like all the other herbs or mentioned much?? Just curious if anyone else grows it??

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  1. Love chervil. It's used much more frequently in Europe
    than in the US where it is sometimes difficult to find.
    I have tried to grow it with limited success but. then, my
    husband used to say I had a brown thumb.

    1. Beautiful, isn't it?

      Poach/steam salmon fillets for a few minutes (5 max) in about 1/2 inch of white wine in a covered pan. Remove fillets to a low oven to keep warm on a serving plate. Stir plenty of chopped chervil and a couple of dollops of heavy cream into the cooking liqour, bubble for a minute or two (the liquid, not you), and spoon over the fish. S&P may be needed.

      A whole side of salmon looks great done this way, but gets rather ragged as you serve it. We mainly use single serving fillet cuts or steaks.

      1. I love chervil and dill in soft scrambled eggs! Very soothing.

        1. I have only used chervil in bernaise sauce but seeing this thread will have to give it a try elsewhere.

          Why is it hard to grow?

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            I have the blackest black thumb that ever blacked, so I'm no help with the growing. My mom grows it for me :)
            Good luck!

          2. I love and grow chervil. My chervil's peak is the spring and it dies off in the heat of the summer- but I find it comes back again when the temps cool down in the fall. (I am in Washington DC.) It has been quite prolific for me- the big problem is that it seems to bolt quickly.