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Jul 5, 2013 09:09 PM

Single Dining/Counter near Union Square-Castro [San Francisco]

Would love some suggestions for delicious food comfortable for a single diner -- like at counter seating. I'll be staying near 4th & Market, spending time at the Castro Theater (Silent Film Festival), and won't have a car so I don't want to go too far afield. Thanks very much!

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  1. J-
    I'm traveling next week too as a single diner. Suggestions I've received so far were for Barbacco ( Financial District). There is also an entire thread on this topic if you search on "Atlanta hound single" .

    I go to SF yearly for my conference. Public transpotation is very easy and there are apps available to track times/ route you. Highly recommend this! Two of my favorite bar seatings are A16 ( overlooking brick ovens) and Sotto Mare for a huge tureen of cioppino while talking to the staff. The latter is WAY too much food for 1 but very worth it.

    1. Canteen is a unique restaurant - menu is prix fixe.

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        Canteen is closing soon, I don't recall the exact date. Check for their recent article on it.

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          OP should be (very) fine at Canteen as it is not due to close till end of August Counter seating there is great as you can watch the kitchen prep directly in front of you. And the food is superb and good value, with some flexibility even though it is indeed prix fixe. So wish we could go again before Canteen goes dark : -(.

      2. If you to the upper right-hand corner of this page a search for "solo," you will find a number of prior helpful threads.

        Here is one:

        Here is a thread on dining in the Castro area:

        1. Kare-Ken (Japanese curry) has counter dining near Union Square. Their curry was a tad on the sweeter side when I went ~1.5 years ago, but that might have sense changed.

          Other options a short walk from Union Square:

          - Little Delhi (Indian restaurant with a counter)
          - Showdogs (Sausages and sandwiches)
          - Farmer Brown (Southern food with bar seating)

          1. Almost every restaurant in town is fine for single diners. Best food in the Mission and near the Castro. Union Square caters to business travelers and tourists.

            Reasonably close to or in the Castro:
            Thai House Express
            Namu Gaji
            Pizzeria Delfina
            Thorough Bread

            The festival looks amazing this year.