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Kendall Square - Cambridge

What's good in that immediate area? No real preference for type of food or price, just good lunch and close.

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      1. A few other ideas: Fuji, Abigail's, EVOO and Za, the food trucks on Carlton, The Squeaky Beaker, and coming soon, a brick and mortar version of Clover.

        1. The sandwiches at Emma's are good for lunch.

          1. Westbridge and Catalyst serve lunch during the week. Both very good.

            1. Thanks for all the input and options so far! Always helpful

              1. If you cut down through the walkway that connects the Kendall Square area to Sixth Street, right on the other side of Binney Street is The Discovery Cafe. It's just about a block away from the Cambridge Police Station. I've only been once, but had a really positive experience with the Kendall Square sandwich. They have a large assortment of salads, sandwiches, etc. Good prices, too.

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                  If you go on a Friday check out the roast pork special. While not quite as good it's the successor to the famed Cafe Latino pernil

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                    So today I went there and they had the "lasagna" that they used to have at cafe latino. Not sure how regular of a special it is though - I've been bringing my lunch for the last few months so haven't been hitting this place up.

                2. Hungry Mother is doing their Friday takeout pulled pork again - I work too far away, but have been dying to try it.

                  Tatte is also good!

                  I agree with Bon Me, Area 4, and Fuji.

                  1. Does The Blue Room still do their summer time weekday lunch grill? It's been a few years since I don't work in that area anymore, but it used to offer a pretty good plate of food for under 10 bucks.

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                      Yes. The quality dropped a year or two ago but it's still a pretty good deal considering the locatin