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Jul 5, 2013 07:02 PM

Cleveland good eats

heading to Cleveland for 5 days to visit RRHOF and take in a game

have done some homework, have i missed any great places ?

in no particular order

Lucky's Cafe best mac n cheese
Saturday lunch head to the West Side Market
Siam Café
Fire Food & Drink

Casino 2nd floor Michael Symon's b-spot for burgers, Rocco Whalen
Rosie & Rocco's pizza/Italian specialties, and Corky & Lenny's deli.

Slyman's for breakfast
Carnegie Kitchen & Deli for breakfast
Vincenza's for lunch - best pizza in cleveland
After the game Winking Lizard huge variety of beers


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  1. What is best often depends on what you like, and what you can't get wherever you come from. You've assembled an excellent list.

    Siam Cafe has been rather inconsistent lately. If you are looking for great Asian fusion, BAC in Tremont is a great choice. Ty Fun in Tremont has great Thai. And of course, there are many other great choices in Asiatown - Wonton Gourmet for Chinese, Ha Ahn for Korean, and Superior Pho for Vietnamese. If you like spice and can't get real Sichuan food at home, check Szechuan Gourmet in Asiatown. They have a fresh fish tank, and their food is fabulous. Try the Kung Po Lotus Root and the Ma Po Tofu.

    Both Dante and Ginko are excellent choices. I was underwhelmed with the meatballs at Rosie and Roccos, and though I liked their pizza, Vinczena's is better. B Spot burgers rock no matter where you get them!

    Michael Symon's Lolita is also an excellent choice. His flagship Lola is also very good, but it's a little dressy/pricey. Lolita is a little more casual and less expensive.

    I'd skip Corky & Lenny's. For corned beef, you've already got Slyman's on your list, for pastrami, Mister Brisket makes the best, but he's take out only (I usually take my MB sandwich down Cedar Road to the Heinen's supermarket, which has an updstairs dining area; I purchase a drink from Heinen's then go upstairs to enjoy).

    If it is mac n cheese you crave - drive south to Broadview Hts for Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen. They offer a fried chicken with mac n cheese entree that makes me swoon!

    I've never been to Heck's, but if I was on that corner of W.25th, I'd head over to Light Bistro.

    If you are staying in or near the Aloft Hotel in the Flats, their brand new incarnation of Lago seems to be off on the right foot; they just opened last week, and we enjoyed our meal there. Get the Ednive Salad, Polenta Bolognese and the Salerno Family Meatballs if you go!

    1. Thx for the input

      Asian fusion, BAC in Tremont

      Asiatown - Wonton Gourmet for Chinese, Ha Ahn for Korean, and Superior Pho for Vietnamese , or Szechuan Gourmet

      Broadview Hts for Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen

      Wow too many great choice's


      1. Flying Fig for a light lunch or happy hour in the West 25th area after a beer at Great Lakes. Strolling and drinking in Tremont should include Hotz's, Flying Monkey, Treehouse and dinner at Lolita. Downtown should include the Greenhouse but honestly Ontario Cafe across from the casino has great sandwiches and drink prices from the early '80's. We have a splendid array of dive bars (Hotz's is but one of many).

        1. Skip Heck's and Siam. I wouldn't bother with Carnegie Kitchen either.

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          1. re: rockandroller1

            i definately second those two skip'ems.

            for a visitor, its a lot of fun to take the rapid (thats cleveland's rail transit) to shaker square to go to FIRE. or BALATON if you feel like hungarian food.

            please report back afterward!

          2. Hello hounds,

            I'll be visiting over labor day weekend which also happens to be my anniversary weekend.

            I've been to Lola once about 4 years ago which is the extent of my higher end experience in Cleveland. I'd like to make reservations now for a dinner option for Saturday.
            I was thinking Greenhouse Tavern, but am open to other suggestions.
            My wife is a fairly adventurous eater, but isn't too keen on meat heavy or exotic cuts. I’d like to stay within the $20-$25 pp range before drinks.
            Thoughts on Noodlecat or Bside for more casual options?

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            1. re: pete k

              Have you considered Lolita? You can do small plates and pizza and stay under $25. GHT is also excellent, but perhaps a little more pricey.

              Noodlecat is great, but very casual. Did you mean B Spot? That's Symon also, and one of my favorite lunch spots. The least expensive of any of his places, and very casual. B Spot doesn't take reservations; I don't know if Noodlecat does. Lolita and GHT both do.

              1. re: NancyH

                I have not, but I will add it to the list. Thank you for the suggestion.

                Yes, I meant B Spot.
                Any recs for cocktail lounges? I've ran across the velvet tango room, but not much else.

                1. re: pete k

                  Most of the new bars on West 25th serve cocktails. Greenhouse also has interesting cocktails on the menu.

              2. re: pete k

                While there are salads on the menu, B Spot is definitely meat heavy. Same with Lolita.

                I would consider Crop for a special's beautiful though, unfortunately, can be noisy. It may not hit your price point, though. Luxe at Gordon Square is a fun, more casual place. Cocktails at the nearby Toast.

                1. re: gourmanda

                  Disagree that Lolita has to be meat heavy; lots of pizza and small plate options as well as pastas and a vegetarian risotto on their menu right now; Symon often uses meat as a flavoring like in the brussels sprouts.

                  Crop is gorgeous but probably out of OPs price range.

                  Dante is another great option, if you stick to small plates, you can stay in budget and have lots of choices with less meat.

                  1. re: NancyH

                    Yes, pizza choices. Out of 4 pastas, 3 have meat. Look, I know people love his places to death...but I'm not into eating meat that often and for someone who doesn't want a "meat heavy" place (pete k) I just don't think a Symon joint qualifies.

                    Yes, Crop is probably over the $20-25 pre-drink budget...which is why I mentioned it.