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Jul 5, 2013 06:14 PM

Looking for Victoria Recs

Im going to Victoria with my family, looking for some recommendations of places we should hit up and must eats from the city. I know Red Fish Blue Fish is one place I want to try. Also looking for any good Chinese food. Looking for moderately priced (like less than $20 per plate), and cheap eats as well. Thanks!

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  1. Can't speak for good Chinese ..... I've never bothered with it in Victoria to know what's what.

    But Pizzeria Prima Strada is solid for pizzas. Always had reliable hits from them:

    1. You're in the wrong city for good Chinese food. There is decent Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian food but the Chinese food is severely lacking here.

      Some people like Jade Fountain for dim sum, but I have not tried it out.

      What days of the week will you be here? If you are in town Monday to Friday at lunchtime, Uchida offers very simple but very clean and flavourful Japanese food. The produce is all grown on a local organic farm, and the fish is of the highest quality. The selection is small, but the products used are local and sustainable. The catch (pardon the pun) is that it is open only from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 2:30. And the food sells out quickly, so it is best to get there by 12:30.

      Senzushi on Fort Street is the best sushi spot in town and is extremely popular. You might even need reservations.

      Sura on the corner of Douglas and Fisgard is a fairly good Korean spot. Nothing to write home about, but the food is fresh and the service is efficient. Again, a very popular spot.

      Sizzling Tandoor on Johnson Street has pretty good curry and is a very popular spot. Also a family-oriented restaurant, although the service can be slow.

      To be honest, the best places in Victoria are not Asian restaurants. Victoria is kind of like a small Portland; we have good bread, beer, organic veggies, farm-to-table places.

      I always recommend Relish (on Pandora) for brunch or lunch. The food is amazing. The only catch is that it is open Tuesday to Saturday only and is a breakfast/lunch place, not a dinner place. It is also across the street from a drop-in for the homeless but the area is safe nonetheless. Relish is definitely a family friendly destination.

      I second the Prima Strada recommendation. Preferably the Bridge Street location because it is less cramped and just a nicer space (albeit in an industrial area). However, if you don't have a car you'd be better off at the Cook Street location close to Beacon Hill Park.

      If you're in Oak Bay, I recommend Padella Bistro. They're open for dinner from Tuesday-Saturday. I believe they're open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday, though I'd recommend checking their website. Delicious homemade pastas and good appetizers. Nice intimate space, too, but family friendly.

      Finally, if you want something super casual and kid-friedly, I suggest going to Ferris's on lower Yates street. I don't love all of their food, but it is a good spot for oysters (especially their baked oysters). Ferris's upstairs is now open and has a slightly more contemporary menu.

      OH, and although the ambience is lacking, Hernandez in the walkway in the Sussex Building between Yates ST and View st is a great place for authentic tacos, huaraches, etc...

      Have fun.

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        Thans for your insight and suggestions. I'll be sure to check it out.