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Jul 5, 2013 05:36 PM

Wheated, new pizza in Prospect Park South/Ditmas Park area

At the site of the sorely missed ice-cream spot NYC ICY on Church Avenue just east of Coney Island Avenue, Wheated opened up about a week ago. There must be an untapped market for more yuppie-ish cuisine in the neighborhood, because when my family went there tonight, it was pretty busy. It's not pizza by the slice, but more in a Franny's mode. Every pizza is named after a Brooklyn neighborhood. We ordered the "Brighton Beach," which was quite nice: super-thin crust, almost like a New Haven-style pie, with mozzarella, bacon, garlic, and peccorino. Other pizzas they offer are in a similar vein. I ordered a specialty cocktail with mezcal, which turned out to be a mistake, but I'm excited to see that they have a full bar.

I would add that this stretch of Church Avenue, where I lived for many years before moving a few blocks away a year ago, just sat dormant for a long time while other streets in the neighborhood, most notably Cortelyou, got a nice sprouting of interesting and tasty restaurants. That's started to change recently. AM Thai, a good-albeit-not-Sripraphai-level Thai place, is on the next block, Lark is a nice little coffeehouse also nearby, and a new Indian restaurant opened up at Church and Westminster. I would not necessarily make a special trip for these places, but it's a decent set of options if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity.

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