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Jul 5, 2013 05:33 PM


I'm taking a few of my teenage grandkids to Blackfish in a couple of weeks (their idea!) and they are bugging me about how they have to dress. They want to wear polo shirts and shorts. Is that acceptable?

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  1. It's summer and I guess if they are not torn shorts and T's, they should be okay. Let's face it, it's a different world today.
    I guess we need to go with the flow.
    I just returned from San Francisco and I tell you practically everybody was wearing jeans, from young to old, wherever one went. It's what is.

    1. Please don't wear shorts.

      1. I don't feel shorts would be appropriate at Blackfish.

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          I don't think shorts are appropriate anywhere besides ultra-casual places like bars, and maybe some slightly nicer places during the day -- not at night.

        2. Thanks for the responses.

          I had told my grandkids that they should wear khaki's and polos and they whined about wearing shorts. I think shorts are OK in some places, but I didn't think Blackfish was one of those places. They'll be in khaki's!

          arepo - I'm in agreement on the wearing of jeans. I've noticed that every place I've eaten lately, city or burbs, the dress is from business casual to jeans. I cannot recall being in any restaurant in the last year where I didn't see someone wearing jeans.

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            Yes, it's true about jeans. Personally, I hate going to a high-end restaurant and seeing people in jeans. I have seen it at Vetri, The French Laundry and at L'Ambroisie in Paris. These are not places at which I can afford to dine regularly and these were special occasions for me. These people seem to be saying it's no big deal to them. They may be regulars for all I know. I don't care. I was offended and it to some degree cheapened the experiences for me.

            1. re: JanR

              To be fair, some jeans cost hundreds of dollars... i do miss the formality, but that is not the society we live in. And you can trace it back to IBM allowing its people to wear business casual. From that point forward, we have rapidly become a casual nation. And a restaurant these days cannot afford to alienate its client base.


          2. I've dined at Blackfish dozens of times (it's my favorite restaurant), and I've NEVER seen anyone wear shorts or a t-shirt there. Polos and khakis are fine. I usually wear a casual buttoned shirt and khakis, but I've also been known to wear a sports jacket, and there are always plenty of guys in jackets (if only because they're on a date!). The food is as elegant as anywhere in Philly, but there is definitely a modern relaxed atmosphere. Just not so relaxed that shorts fit in, and would be disrespectful to what the restaurant is trying to achieve IMO.

            Just curious: how old are your grandkids? It seems like an unusual request! I don't see a lot of teenagers at Blackfish either.

            Just my 2 cents: If they have an interest in this sort of cuisine, they should also learn how to appropriately dress and behave in such an establishment. A great opportunity for granddad to provide a good lesson.

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            1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

              Jeez, you sound a little testy!!

              The kids are 14 to 18. They are not at all what anyone would describe as "picky" eaters. They are willing to try anything, but also, each have things they don't like, just as most adults do. There is no need for me to provide a restaurant behavior lesson. They've all be eating out, in all kinds of restaurants, from food trucks to high-priced gourmet, for most of their lives.

              I thought the question I asked was a very simple one. I guess I was wrong about that? Maybe I should have said, "What's the dress code for Blackfish", without mentioning kids?

              Thanks to everyone for their responses. I get the picture!

              1. re: bucksguy14

                Relax, there wasn't anything "testy" about my reply, I was just answering your question to the best of my ability. Anything else is your imagination. ;-)

                1. re: bucksguy14

                  Bucksguy I would just suggest calling the restaurant. And please let us know how the meal goes!