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Jul 5, 2013 03:34 PM

What to do with homemade marshamallows?

A friend brought us quite a few homemade marshmallows, and we're not fans of the texture - I think she may have used too much gelatin. They're a bit chewy. We were going to toss them, and then I thought that perhaps using them in rice krispies treats, or even roasting for s'mores, might work out - but before I waste the time and further ingredients, will cooking over-gelatinous marshmallows salvage them, or ruin the whole recipe? The flavor is great, it's just the texture that's too much. (almost like a gummy candy - not quite to gummi bear quality, but almost)

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  1. Personally, I find homemade marshmallows to be more chewy than commercial. Not a bad thing for me. That said, s'mores would probably be a good bet. Plus, you can roast one and see if its any good before you commit to the s'more.

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      Like that idea.

      I have bought the house made ones at WF and they have entirely different texture than commercial.chewy, more elastic. We love them with chocolate fondue or as a candy wrapped/dipped in salted caramel.

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        Fondue's a great idea. Homemade are totally different than commercial and once you embrace that, they taste delicious. Less, I don't know, plasticky and unfoodlike.

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          The taste is fantastic, but we've had these before and this batch is super chewy - more like gummy candy than marshmallows. It was an instant turn-off for both of us, and we love marshmallows. We're going to try to roast one and see if that improves or exacerbates the texture...Thanks!

    2. Fluffernutter sandwich.