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Jul 5, 2013 03:24 PM

Boneless skinless chicken breasts...any new ideas?

Having guests, and we have an abundance of good ole bscbs...husband suggests using a recipe from the Time-Life Scandinavian Cooking book (Norwegian, intended for veal, sour cream and gyetost cheese, used to make it for fancy a million years ago). I don't recall seeing the cheese anywhere here, and it seems a bit rich for 90+ degree weather...
Any particularly appealing treatments up your sleeve?

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  1. Well, you know piccata is one of my stand-by chick breast recipes, although I almost prefer it with thighs these days.

    Paprikash is not a new idea either. Cordon bleu? Marinated and grilled?

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      I vote for Cordon bleu - or some combination of deli meat and cheese as a spin of Cordon bleu. Also, saltimbocca is a great, easy, tasty dish.

    2. I've shared this one elsewhere here before and everyone seems to like it: I use just seasoned breadcrumbs instead of the almond meal since I'm not a low carber. And it's pretty easy so it's nice for when you have guests, not a lot of hands on time.

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        Oddly enough, there was a recipe like this in Sunset magazine back in the 80s, and I was just talking to the person I made it for, with whom I hadn't been in contact in years.

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          I love pesto stuffed chicken and make it quite often, it's great!

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            I use this recipe often and it's always a hit.


            If they are on the thicker side, I make Barefoot Contessa's Indonesian Ginger Chicken using breasts, and serve it with basmati rice and a cucumber salad on the side.



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              I try not to turn on the oven when it's a gazillion degrees, like it's to be here today--think this can be successfully gently fried on the stove-top?

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                I think that would be hard because after you roll up the chicken, it becomes quite thick.... I think by the time the chicken cooked through on the stovetop, it would be pretty "high brown" on the outside. Might work if you have very thin chicken pieces though.

                Another way I've done it is to just take a flat breast and put the pesto on top, then top with cheese. That might work better for the stovetop... cook one side, flip it over, add the pesto and cheese, and then cover so the cheese will melt. Again, works better with thinner, so if you have fat breasts (hehe) probably should cut them in half lengthwise. You still get the same flavors as the stuffed one this way.

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                  Good points--thanks. May give this a try tonight. Harvested nearly 2 lbs of green beans from the garden this morning, so already have them cooking for a side dish.

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                    Okay, they're in the oven now. Smells heavenly, and I really liked the addition of lemon to the pesto. Thanks!

              2. wrapped in bacon or prosciutto, simple and always good.

                1. Someone was telling me they use Thai red curry & coconut ilk and marinate then grill. I think they meant the whole bird, but don't know why it couldn't be done with breasts. Sounds delish and intriguing to me.

                  My standard is pounding into cutlets and marinating in garlic, vinegar, oil & thyme. Grill. Very simple but big flavor.

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                    I recently found the perfect chicken satay and peanut sauce recipes almost duplicating what we order at our favorite Thai restaurant. The chicken is marinated in cocount milk with a little curry powder. The red curry is in the peanut sauce. I would serve to guests now that I know the recipe is easy and tasty. The chicken was very moist and cooked on the grill making it a good choice for a hot summer evening.

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                      dfrostnh, would you mind sharing the recipes for the chicken satay and peanut sauce, please.

                    2. re: Dirtywextraolives

                      Dweo, you remind me that a friend marinates them in TJ's Thai red curry sauce, grills them and squeezes lime over them to serve. Delicious and easy!!

                    3. I have one that I use for pounded boneless, skinless, tasteless pork chops that would translate well for chicken. Pound, flour, brown in butter and oil, add splash of white wine, halved green olives, a squeeze of orange, and some grated orange rind. A little garam masala. I like it with barley or short grain rice.