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Jul 5, 2013 02:56 PM

Berkeley Asian Ghetto rec's?

OK, Chowhounds, I need your help. I work at Cal and am tired of my usual go-to spots.

Do you have specific dishes/lunches to recommend in the Asian Ghettos (Durant Ave or Hearst)? I've tried a couple spots but haven't had anything stellar... I feel like there is probably some GREAT dish that I'm missing out on. Thanks!

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  1. Steve's. Steve's. Steve's. The bbq chicken is my favorite, others i know like the pork/beef too. Short ribs are nice.

    I am not a fan of most places on North/South side. The best food is down towards Shattuck (Sliver, Comal, Gather, Ippuku). Or Gourmet Ghetto (Gregoire's, Cheeseboard, etc.). When I have to eat south side, I usually stick to Le Petit Cheval or Sunrise Deli (falafels).

    1. Maybe Thai Noodle II? I haven't been there, but it's recommended here.

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        Thai Noodle II is a block or two away from the Asian ghetto. thai basil is in the asian ghetto. ate at both. food quality of the 2 is about the same.

        the korean place on hearst has cheap lunch options, food is pretty good but not great.