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Kitchen sink - stainless of fireclay

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I am renovating my kitchen and am trying to pick out a sink. What materials do the chowhound members recommend? I would like a farmhouse style, under mounted but am at a loss after that. I am on budget so cost is a definite factor.

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  1. Fiona, I have a large farmhouse sink but have never heard of "stainless of fireclay" so I cannot be of much help to you. Mine is quite old and I would have to guess that it is something (porcelain?) over cast iron. It's big enough that half sheet pans fit flat on the bottom. I love this sink with a passion usually reserved for chocolate! Good luck on your hunt.

    1. I wish I had not replaced my porcelain over cast iron sink with a stainless one. When the sun shines in the window above the sink, the glare is blinding and so annoying

      1. OOPS - I meant stainless OR fireclay

          1. Fireclay.
            Out of all the upgrades we made to the house, switching to a fireclay sink has been one of my all-time favorites.

            1. I love my stainless sink, and wouldn't dream of going back to porcelain. You have to be careful with temperature, and dropping anything into it (chips/cracks), and eventually scouring powders will remove the glaze.

              I'll take a stainless sink any day of the week.

              1. If you definitely want a farmhouse sink--which I assume means the open front--I would NOT go with stainless because I feel it just does not look right in metal. But if you are open to plain undermount, here is my experience.

                I have always been adamant about having a white porcelain sink. Last three were all undermounts, two were farm sinks. Well, last month I got sick of trying to keep that white sink clean and traded it in for a large stainless undermount. Wish I'd done it years ago. Mine has this metal grid that covers the bottom--that means the drain can't get blocked by dishes or such, dishes don't sit on the sink bottom and even if the sink is not sparkling clean the grid makes it look that way. And an added bonus, haven't broken a glass in the sink yet. And yes, it is quiet...cost about $250.

                  1. I'm not sure if it comes in a farmhouse, but if you're open to other choices, look at the Silgranit sinks by Blanco.

                    These are granite resin sinks, they're nearly indestructible, won't scrach or dent, are very quiet compared to stainless and are super low maintenance. I have two of them in my house and I love them.

                    Other companies make granite composite too, you can see them at Home Depot or Lowes if you want to get a sample. They come in lots of colors and the only downside I have is that they feel a little plasticy.